Plans for smokers

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Dec 19, 2005
Beautiful Grand Rapids Michigan
I am interested in building a new smoker.

I would love to build something a bit unique just for the fun of it.

I have seen it where someone took an old '51 Ford pickup turned the engine area into a firebox, emptied the interior added racks, blacked out the windows and added smoke stacks to it.

Has anyone seen any other ideas?
I've never seen anything like that but I must admit, as much as I love smoking and the end results of my time and efforts doing it, if I were fortunate enough to aquire something as nice as a 51 Ford pick up I wouldn't be hanging meat in it. Just one mans opinion.
I don't have any other ideas, but here are some pics of a pick up truck turned smoker...



Those were the pictures I was looking for. I thought I saved them somewhere but could not find them. Do you have the site that those came off of?
After seeing the outhouse idea it has me thinking when I get working on the 2nd tear and 3rd maybe I could find a way to build a smoker into the look of it. The fire box is what I can not figure out. I want to build a bar area and I think it would be cool to have part if it be the smoker its self.
Sorry for the long delay in re-checking this thread... but, those pictures came from e-bay. I have an awful habit of saving pictures of interesting smokers that I come across... I have several more of that particular smoker if your interested...

I don't think that it would be that difficult... you have an enclosed area, a fire box, a fire... what is tough about that?

James, I have the same habit of collecting pictures from the Internet. I have loads of smoker pics. I just have a poor filing system when it comes to trying to find anything.
Thanks Moltenone,

I am really interested in something that is as much a conversation pieces as it is a smoker. That is why I like the pick up idea.

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