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Aug 28, 2015
I was contacted last week by a guy who wants a 250 gallon tank for cooking Pizza's.

He wants to do " Pizza a la parrilla". (where there you burn charcoal and wood then use the embers under the parrilla to cook the pizza).

An idea we had is to put a slide out shelf for the embers under the racks (We can get 5 racks in there as pizzas don't need much room) and have a seperate brasero for  making coals.

But problem is I don't think it would get hot enough  inside a 250 gallon with just the coals underneath as pizza's need to be super hot.

He doesn't want the smell of smoke on the pizza's so makes it difficult to get enough heat in the chamber.

Any ideas appreciated...
The only way to do pizzas is a wood fired brick oven. I built a 40" Pompeii (semi spherical oven)around 5 years ago, it gets up to over 500˚C in an hour and the first pizza cooks in 1 minute. I can cook 5 pizzas at once and the max done was 64 pizza

for a family feast but they were only around 8-9" diameter as I feel that they are much nicer eaten hot and then you make your next one.
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Nice looking oven! 
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