piglet cooking?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jerseydrew, Aug 17, 2013.

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    i've never done a whole hog or pig of any size. i know it will not fit in my WSM. so now on to.... my friend wants a pig roast for his bday and i know not how to help him. what are my choices? i was looking into one of those box style pig cookers. not a bad choice but $300-$400 for a one time use box is not really what i want to do.

    any ideas. oh and a cinder block pit won't work cause he doesn't want to burn his lawn. 
  2. jerseydrew

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    just looked online and found a local party supply store that rents a rotisserie. now i just have to figure out how to use it. 
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    [​IMG]  , Jerseydrew. The rental may be your answer, and as for how... when you are ready, just ask. You'll be overcome by the replies. 

    You need some tools for the job.

    1. a 'good' thermometer - Maverick, Thermopen, etc. (offered on this site).

    make sure you calibrate them before the cook to keep track of the temps. in the meat.

    2. something to keep the pig together when removing him from the cooker (easiest is a couple of clean metal snowshouvels). Otherwise some string , wire netting , Chicken wire , ect. Or a couple of those neat QVC wide spatulas for $40 ea. [​IMG].

    3. Plenty of fuel be it (yuk) Charcoal Brickettes ,or Lump Dust   , or Wood (yeah).

    4. a great big tub of "Patience"

    Have fun and I'l be in the Smoke - watching...[​IMG].
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    What he said. Remember you are only cooking the bit facing the heat,its not like cooking in a woodfired oven or big BBQ unit. I cut the skin but only just through give it a rub,plenty of salt to get skin to crisp other bits up to you.

    You need to get piggy on the spit securely, wrap ears in foil & pay attention to what the experts here tell you about thermometers. Shoulders & leg much thicker than loin& ribs.

    Have a think about how big this pig really needs to be.Its a crap shoot ,little guys tend to dry out if you dont pay attention,big guys take forever to cook & are hard to get done evenly.

    A baste or mop as you guys call it is another thing to think about. Season cavity inside.

    We are here to help just let us know what the plan is.


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