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Meat Mopper
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Jul 16, 2006
NW Arkansas
testing a picture
Hi There swalker!

It looks like you have had a bit of success!

Try posting any picture you have on your hard drive which is slightly less than 256kb and then use the "Powertoy image resizer" to resize it to a couple of different but smaller sizes.

Then use the powertoy to do a "custom resize" to any size you want say to make an avatar..

NOTE: if you start with a pic that is only 15.k to begin with and you try to resize up it could become grainy and out of focus.

If you start with a pic that is 536k or something similar and resize it to any size smaller. it should be fine. See what happens!

Don't give up! in a month you will wonder what the big problem was! :lol:

ranger72 :idea:

OTBS # 14

I took your 15k pic; saved it to my hard drive; and then used the "Powertoy" to resize your pic to 120 X 120. the power toy changed it to 117 x 120 on its own

If you hover your cursor over any image and right click on it a drop down menu will open up; scroll down until you see "Properties" then left click on properties and a window will open showing you a detail or two about the image you are working with.
and here it is at 73 pixels x 75 pixels which is suitable for an avatar!

Hope this helps :)

Keep at it; you are making progress!

ranger72 :)OTBS # 14
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