pics and reciepe for deer balongna

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  1. thanks to all for the welcome. this is a very interesting and freindly site, happy to have found it. I will post some pics soon and a reciepe that I use for my deer ring balongna. last time I added chedder cheese chunks and that was very good. I will be making more soon because I have 6 left now out of 53 rings I made 2 weeks ago. everybody around here loves it. to much I think sometime. take care all !
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    WOW you really like bologna! Thats a ton of bologna!
  3. well the story here is I have 7 kids, 2 left at home and the other ones make 2-3 stops a week and guess what for? the ring balonga, the hot dogs, sausage and hamburger. which is fine because that way I get to make it all which I enjoy doing and it keeps me busy hunting. I hunt now every day to stock up again on deer meat. I took 8 last year and its just about gone. good thing we have a lot of deer here and unlimeted tags. so with 9 people you can go thru alot of meat. and alot of smoke! but its fun and thats what counts.[​IMG]

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