picanha - best beef?

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Jan 1, 2018
hi all,

i had to share about my last smoke. i'm a big fan of youtube channel sous vide everything and i have several friends that are Brazilian. i have to agree with them that Picanha is the best cut of beef....FOR the price. if you can find it, the cost is usually less than $6/lb. It has a nice fat cap which you don't trim too much off. the flavor is deep.

it's usually sold as a 3-5lb roast, vacuum sealed. brazilians and people in the know, when grilling, cut the roast with the grain and make 1-1 1/2" steaks. then cut against the grain into bite-sized pieces.

i did my last one whole BEARCARVER-style prime rib. i pulled it at 130 degrees and let it rest for 30 mins before slicing into it. let me tell you, it was fantastic/aMAAAAAAZing! i dont' know if i will ever buy new york strip/sirloin again. it's certainly not as tender as tenderloin or prime rib, but it makes up for it in flavor and price.

for those of you who are lucky to be able to find this cut of beef, you'll thank me later.

We in south Florida can find this cut at Presidente markets,Western Beef, Foodtown, Penn Dutch. Not sure if all of them have it but it's even worth the drive. it's great grilled/smoked/roasted. going to go now to get a couple more.
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