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  1. SmokinAl

    Pichana roast on the Rectec

    Been a bunch of pichana threads lately, so here is my shot at it. Started out with a nice roast. Didn’t need much trimming on the fat side, but had a big piece of silver skin on the meat side. That is about all the trimming needed. I marinated it overnight under vacuum. Then I mixed up a...
  2. P

    Picanha Problem

    Bit of a long one so hopefully I make sense. I want to do a grill night with different kinds of steaks. What I have in mind is sirloin, ribeye, picanha, and maybe fajita. I'm using a gas stove. I want to serve everything in waves and as follows 1. fajita, 2. sirloin, 3. ribeye, 4. picahna. I...
  3. tropics

    Picanha on the Weber Kettle

    This has to be the best steak I ever had!! I only trimmed some fat off the top (save fat to grease the grill) Salt both sides I had the grill already heated,so I wet a paper towel 7 took some fat out to rub the grate. This proved that the wet towel & fat made for a nonstick grating...
  4. saltysandman

    picanha - best beef?

    hi all, i had to share about my last smoke. i'm a big fan of youtube channel sous vide everything and i have several friends that are Brazilian. i have to agree with them that Picanha is the best cut of beef....FOR the price. if you can find it, the cost is usually less than $6/lb. It has a...
  5. mark in the pit

    Crowd Cow Coullotte Steak

    Crowd Cow Coullotte Steak Ingredients: Coullotte Steak Oil Salt Pepper Garlic Method: Very quick and easy. Get your grill good and hot just like you would for a ribeye or new york strip steak. Than just rub with oil to prevent sticking to the grill. Next rub all other ingredients to taste...