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  1. I did the 20 lb turkey last week for our immediate family Christmas. My Sis in law was out for her daily morning  walk that day and stopped to see if I would want to do one for the big family Christmas on the 25th. I told her I would and she brought me another 20lber. Taking into consideration ,the 1-140 rule I learned just last week, I used the meat thermometer for the whole smoke as opposed to when I figured time per pound and then inserted thermometer. I adjusted to 250 and put the bird in at 3:10 PM and just a little after 7, I watched as the last 2 minutes ticked down. I hit a 140 internal temp with right at 1 minute and 43 seconds to go. Not bad timing considering its here in Iowa but the outside temp  was about 35 - 40 degrees Im guessing. Was I cutting the temp too close onthe time or was it just right?
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    The 40-140 rule is not dead nuts on as far as the time goes, if you are a little over you are still fine, especially since you are taking the internal temp up above 165°. Now if you were say 5 or 6 hours into your smoke and still under 140° then I would start to worry and consider ordering a pizza.
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    Actually the new guidelines are 41-135, so you made it with plenty of time to spare.
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    Now I believe that the 40-140 rule has been changed but I also think that you have to rach the 140° mark on the outside edges to. I'm not sure if it is all the way into the middle of the meat. But it is a rule I thought that you really don't want to smoke a bird much larger then 12-14 lbs. But you can spatchcock the bird and smoke a much larger one.

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