Pepper & Garlic jerky

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Sep 16, 2016

Hi everyone! Can't stop reading this site! This is the first time making jerky. Got the hi mountain kit at gander mountain. Used my slicer and cut a bottom round to a 1/4" with the grain. After slicing it weighed 2 pounds. Got the jerky drying going in the wsm.start at 130 for a hour and raise temp 10 degrees every hour till 170. Gonna use cherry for smoke. Thanks everyone for the great information on this forum!
Great start

Careful with the 170* heat, about 10* to high and could make for brittle jerky. The test is the bend, if the jerky bends with out breaking your good.

Looking good so far! I'm using Hi Mountain seasoning as well today. I have Hickory blend that was gifted to me.
Snake? I thought you were smoking beef jerky! 


When I was a kid we'd call beef jerky "snake skins". Bought it out of a huge glass jar at the 5 and Dime. 

Snake method is probably best. The Minion Method can put out a lot of heat.

Lol that was funny B! We use to get pretzels out of the containers with our money we got back from cashing in the pepsi returnables! I had 130* temp for 2 hours and added a couple lit ones and been running 150-165 for 2 hours.
Thanks Adam! First i ran around 120* for 2 hours then 140-160* for 5 hours and let the snake burn out at 120* for 2 hours. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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