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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by retfr8flyr, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. cord

    cord Newbie

    Make sure to use the lumberjack dealer locator on the website to check around you. I found a small meat market that carries them for $11 for 20 lbs.

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  2. tallbm

    tallbm Master of the Pit

    I have used about 15 pounds of Louisiana Grills pellets. I like them. I bought the "Mesquite" bag which is about 35% Mesquite and 65% Maple. It was one of the highest (35%) blends of the wood on the label that I could find. Just understand that you are getting a blend with them but at least its on the higher end of the blend scale.
    I also discovered that I like Maple MUCH MUCH more as the primary blended wood vs oak or alder.

    SO, if you are looking to get blends of 35% wood mentioned on the label and 65% Maple then I think Louisiana Grills will suite you fine.
    Now if you are like me and you would rather make your own blends or you want ONLY the wood mentioned on the label then I don't think you are going to beat Lumberjack pellets. They clearly tell you if you are getting a blend or not where other brands make it much more of a mystery :)

    I hope this info helps!
  3. tallbm

    tallbm Master of the Pit

    Oh, BTW, if they still have the deal going you may want to buy the following so you are set for blending and having what I feel are the best variety of wood pellets to have on hand:

    • Mesquite - best beef wood out there IMO
    • Hickory - what most people feel is the best/favorite wood in general
    • Apple - fantastic fruit wood I like with chicken and pork
    • Cherry - another fantastic fruit wood I prefer on beef, know it is more difficult to keep burning so better to blend with this one and use on a variety of meats
    • Maple - my favorite mild wood that might be the most versatile. Use to make a Competition Blend (M/H/C), use alone on sandwich meats/bacons/ham/sausages, I believe this is the traditional wood for doing pastrami, and/or use as a base for your homemade blends when you don't want to go 100% of any of the other woods.
      When you think 100% Hickory is too much for a smoke then just reduce the amount of Hickory and throw in Maple to fill it out. Same goes for Mesquite.
    I hope this gives you some food for thought on what you can do with a few bags of 100% Lumberjack. FYI, if/when you get to doing pork belly bacon try 70% Apple and 30% Hickory... WOW!!!!

    Best of luck!
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