Pellet Grill Won’t Get Up To Temp…. little help please

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Just remember there are some variables at play with any pellet smoker. Pit temp can obviously affect time to temp. I fired up my Rec Tec last friday night when it was below 10° for a long time outside (it was -1 that morning). It look a good while to get to 200°. I would assume the pit temp was somewhere under 10° ambient when I hit the go button. Having said that, I can tell the controller is going full blast to get the pit up to desired temp as fast as possible. Still, it took longer than if it were warmer outside. Also, if I do a good vacuuming, the vac will sometimes suck some pellets out of the end of the auger, along with anything in the firepot. When I start the smoker after all of this, the auger has to take a little time to get pellets onto the fire rod. Over the 9 or 10 years I've had this smoker, I've run all sorts of pellets and start up times are pretty even. I leave pellets in the hopper and the lid is NOT an airtight seal. No problems. I do store my spare pellets in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid in the garage. If your pellets get moisture, good luck. It's just the nature of Pellet smokers (at least mine). Sometimes it gets to temp faster than other times. I just don't sweat it. I turn it on, wait around 10 minutes, and if the temps are climbing, I'm happy. Nothing wrong with testing though. Every so often I get a bum bag of charcoal that the exhaust from the space shuttle would have a hard time getting good and going. I will say, I stay away from Traeger pellets. I don't like them at all. I love Lumberjack, but nobody carries them locally anymore. TSC carries Bear Mountain, and I've been pretty happy with them.
Interesting. I'm not diligent on my pellet storage and never have a problem with the pooper getting up to temp. My problem is over temp due to the terrible controller.
Your problem's maybe solved. In your cold and wind conditions maybe you need 25 minutes to get to temp. Don't open the lid!
And I'm no MAK owner, but this still doesn't sound right. If your controller is running the fan max and the auger non-stop, it's doing all it can to make increase cooking power. I can believe there's some energy per pellet variation depending on brand and feedstocks, but it seems hard to believe it's more than 10%.
How sure are you the fan, but especially the auger, are running at correct speed? How remote is your power...could your line frequency be less than 60Hz AC? Probably more likely a motor pole has dropped out so it's running slow. With the hopper empty, how long does it take the auger to complete a revolution. I've scored marks on mine so it's easy to periodically check this. Even if you've never measured it before, MAK will be able to tell you if you're turning too slow.
I use a insulated cover on my Traeger in colder temps. Comes right up and holds nicely with the cover. Without it takes forever to come up to temp and cools very quickly when you open the lid. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.