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Discussion in 'Side Items' started by cigarbque, Feb 16, 2009.

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    Although not BBQ, I am a huge Paella fan. It is a great main dish or as a side to other things. There are not two people in the world that will make this the same way. I usualy make it more sparese but tonight i went overboard and added too much stuff. Still good though.

    A few things are constants: Use Spanish rice from Valencia or Aboro if that's all you can get. Do not use long grain rice. Use a Paella pan, nothing else will do. Spanish smoked paprika and good safron make a world of differnce. Qualtiy homemande fish and chicken stock can't be beat. Other than that go for it. BTW, less is more, I did not follow that rule this time.

    The prep work: 1 lb of squid, 1 Monk fish tail, 1 dozen shrimp and 1 dozen little neck clams.

    Cooking onions in EVOO. Had double what I needed.

    Added crushed tomatoes and the squid. Added the smoked paprika nd the safron. Man this smells so good.

    Added slice smoked chorizo and green flat beans (we are getting too busy here).

    Added 1/2 fish stoc to 1/2 chicken stock. I fill it up to the riviets on the handles. Bring to a boil and cook for a bit.

    Add the Monk fish and then the rice.

    Add the clams and the shrimp.

    Simmer for about a half hour until the stock is absorbed the rest for a bit before serving. Eat right from the pan.
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    Looks tasty man. How did the squid turn out? It's always been rubbery whenever I've had it in the past.
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    Looks great!! [​IMG]
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    Cook squid one of two way, very quick or very long. I simmer it in the broth for a good bit so it is very tender. I love the stuff. In Spain they use Cuttlefish but that's hard to find here.

    Cowgirl, Thanks.
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    My wife and I have our very own's called National Paella Day and it falls every year on Memorial Day. A tradition we started when we were dating and has stuck ever since. Anybody who appreciates paella is AOK in our book! Thanks for the pics and the tips...tho it is hard to get fresh seafood here in Missouri. For must-haves like arborio or bomba rice and the real Spanish saffron, go to great folks and great spanish stuff.[​IMG]
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