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Packer seperation


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So I love cooking brisket, I’ve done probably 4 or 5 I’m the past year. I’ve settled in on hot n fast method. I do like to seperate the flat from the point about 1/2 way, and then Completely take it off once I hit the temp I want to start the burnt ends with the point. I’m getting ready to give pastrami a go. I’ve separated the point fully from the flat once or twice before. So my question : any advice on separating for the pastrami? I start with removing the kernel and then trying to follow the fat seam. I tend to start hitting meat tho about half way thru the separation and end up just cutting through the meat to get what I think makes a nice flat and point. Maybe it just is what it is and I need more practice to find that small fat seam as you get further down the flat but wanted to see if anyone out there had any tips to pull off the separation (where to start, etc). I do have a very sharp knife so that’s not an issue.
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I think it's easier to separate before cooking. Seam is easier to see plus it's easier to handle and follow the flat part of the seam when the meat isn't so ungodly hot!


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It's OK to hit a little meat when you are separating the two.
Just go slow & if you start to see meat then just back off a little until your back in the fat.
There is a lot of waste on a full packer, it is what it is & if you cut out a little meat in the process, big deal. I usually make pastrami with the point & make corned beef with the flat. If you cook the flat in a crock pot all day with pickling spices, it is to die for. And the point makes the best pastrami!!

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