OPD 20 pound propane?

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I started my smoked turkey @ 6:30 this morning.  28 f and windy.  The GOSM was fighting to get up to temp, 250f.  After 30 minute warm up, she was at 190.  Put the turkey in and waited...and waited.  Moved the GOSM closer to the house, by a corner, wrap her in a felt blanket.  No help.  I had also unhooked and rehooked, shook and fiddled with the gas bottle.  Same 190 f.

Hooked up another bottle, presto.  I was hitting 250 in 5 minutes.  Both bottles were filled at the same time, last week.

Anyone had a similar experience with their bottles?

We are holding 250 "Pops" cured bird is floating in a blue haze, internal is at 140. 

Merry Christmas to all.  Have a safe and happy New Year.
Was the second cylinder of propane warmer than the tank on the smoker? Stored indoors or something? Different regulator?

Propane doesn't like cold weather. While using propane, you may notice frost on the cylinder accumulating. The liquid is getting colder and less gas is evolving = less pressure=less heat.

Other than that, you might try wrapping the tank with an electric heat tape used to keep your pipes from freezing around the lower portion of the tank where the liquid level is.

If you overwrap the heat tape, be sure to overwrap the thermostat also to prevent the tank from overheating. There may be a safety issue here.

Someone in the gas industry might help here?
The "bad" bottle was hooked up to the smoker for the last week.  The second bottle was in garage, albiet unheated.  The cold could have been a factor.  Thanks for the heads up.

BTW Pops turkey is killer.  Will post later.
I had this problem with my GOSM when I switched to a 10 gallon tank instead of my 5 gallon tank. I Noticed that the regulator was elevated much higher with the big tank and that got me thinking that the GOSM needs to be raised. I raised it about 8 inches and it worked great. Now the regulator isnt that much higher than the burner. Now I only have this problem when its cold outside. I talked to the propane company and he said it sounds like the hose was freezing because of how high the regulator in relationship to the burner.

I would check all of your connections. I was in Jersey and my smoker wouldn't get over 150° and I had alot of smoking to do. I even took it to the locate gas store/ fireplace store and that where I reliesed that I had a loose connection. The guy said that copuld be it and I hand tighten it and yes it was it. Safety connections sometimes you just don't know. My connection was on a vault but they still have the same fittings but it was where the hose connected to the I guess long tube looking thingy thou. So check all your connections.
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