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Opah! Making Greek Sausage on the road ~ w/ recipe

Led Freddie

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RVing and smoking, what a great way to spend winter. Normally I dont share a recipe until it comes out of the smoker but I just sampled some fresh and good Gawd... ITS AWESOME! My wife who is the smoke queen of the castle even uttered the rare phrase, " I love this one." I should have made links and kept some for fresh but already I can tell this is going to be a redo soon.


2.5 pounds pork butt

1 pound ground lamb

Dry Ingredients:

1tb garlic powder

1 tb onion powder

3/4 tsp ground cumin

1 tbs lemon pepper

1 tsp pink

Fresh Ingredients

2 lemons zest

1 cup before chopping basil fresh

1 tbs oregano

1/8th cup sun dried tomato

1 tbs rosemary

1/8 cup cooked couscous

4 garlic fresh chopped

* I did not add salt as the feta provides enough for our taste buds.

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Wet Ingredients

l lemon juiced

1 cups feta

1/4 olive oil

1/2 cup yogart

  • mix well rest overnight in fridge

Mince and stuff using course faceplate.
Add dry ingredients and mix. Then add fresh and mix before adding wet and mixing. This stops any dry ingredients from binding. Couscous Is added as a binder to capture the oil and yogart.

Keeping with the largest faceplate, the Feta doesn't disappear.



Freeze for 1 hrs prior to stuffing.
stuff into 34-36mmm casings and link into 20" sections. Allow links to air dry until dry to the touch, can be sped up by placing in front of a fan. ( I precut my casings to get them uniform in size).



Hot smoking start at around 120F, and raise smoker temp by about 10 deg f every hour until it reaches 170.
-Do not go above this temp or you may get fat rendering around the outside of the sausage.

Smoke until you get to internal temp of 155 F, Then cool to 100 F before blooming in the fridge overnight.


I had to sample the remains from my stuffer. I'm in love with a greek!


6 hours left in the smoking process... we'll see you when the rings come out later tonight.
Our plan is to slice it in rings, reheat it and serve it in pita bread with tzedeki ( yogurt with, lemon, garlic and cucumber) and Tabuli ( chopped parsely and couscous). It would be awesome served fresh in mini sausage balls too. Thats next time.
More pictures later. Opah!


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WOW those sound GREAT and look even better. Huge fan of Greek and Middle Eastern spices so this makes my mouth water.

Scott Eisenbraun

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I've seen a lot of sausage recipes, but this one is really interesting. Based on the ingredients, I bet it really tastes great.

Led Freddie

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These bad boys took a full 10 hours to come up to 155 but I'm stoked. ZERO fat loss... nada, zip, negatory and they smell killer. Now i gotta wait till morning to sneak a taste... argh!


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Those are nice . Can't wait to see the inside .

Led Freddie

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Dry rather than fatty. I know I could have boosted the fat content but I am trying for lean. The feta flavor is there but not visible. I'm pleased and will do this again. I do much prefer it as a fresh sausage.


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Freddie is living right! Man that looks like the real deal, you nailed that one right out of the gate I would like to try this recipe after the holidays when things slow down.

Led Freddie

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Just served the last of it at a party last night. It's a do again for sure, I likes it.
The next on the list is a modified Chorizo batch with beef, pork and added beef fat. Most likely be on that before new years because , whatever doesn't get done before new years eve, never gets done in the new year.
Merry Christmas everyone.

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