Ole Hickory CTO For Sale

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by shootinsmoke, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. shootinsmoke

    shootinsmoke Newbie

    Ole Hickory CTO
    2011 model
    Stainless steel with comp switch
    Asking $4000
    Located in Prairieville LA
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  2. canned smoke

    canned smoke Fire Starter SMF Premier Member

    Can I ask why you're selling it? I'm curious because I have considered this model as an addition to a concession trailer and may be interested even with the distance.

  3. shootinsmoke

    shootinsmoke Newbie

    I've used it in competition. Since I'm not competing anymore, it's too big for the cooking I do at home. That's the only reason I'm selling it.
  4. shootinsmoke

    shootinsmoke Newbie

  5. 2j mack

    2j mack Newbie

    Is this smoker still available?

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