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Jul 11, 2006
West Central Illinois
I joined SMF in 2006 and have watched it go through a lot of growing and upgrading. Don't log on very much but remembered today when Jeff was asking for shorter names that I offered MES for masterbuilt electric smokers. See that it is still being used today! I am 83 years old and still running the two MES's I bought in that time. They don't wear out if you keep them in a mancave like I do!! Pulled pork is still my favorite thing to give to all my friends. Had a very good friend on here and his handle was "Meowey"
Took a three week trip to Nova Scotia about 20 years ago. It impressed me with its crisp and clean environment!
Glad to hear you still have the TBS rolling in those MES's
My goodness Pineywoods, last time we communicated you didn't have all of those six ribbons on your id. great to hear from you again. Have you seen anything of "Meowy"
I have not seen him on in a very long time so I looked it up he was
Last seen Apr 1, 2018
Good to see you around again drop in a little more often when you get the chance
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