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Old fridge build

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by gusdorman, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Cleaning it up with a little help from Captain America & a dead blow hammer.


    Everything off of the back.


    All clean metal inside with white porcelain.


    Someone before me painted the outside with latex, it looks *nice*, I hope it wont mess me up.


    Placing things where I think they might go.....

    The PID has a plug-in for a heat generator and a smoke generator, so to have separate controls I am using 2 hot plates.

    PID - Auber Instruments WSD-1202CPH , with the wall mount (http://tinyurl.com/2ulnve4 ).

    So I have a few questions...

    Do I have to plug all of the screw holes?

    If so is fire-stop caulk OK?

    I thought about putting the heat thermocouple in the old light bulb hole right in the center of the back wall.

    Am I right about using 2 heat plates? One for smoke and one for heat to take full advantage of my PID.

    Do I need to build some sort of shield for the heat plates to keep the from getting dripped on?

    How big of a hole do I need on the top to let the smoke out? and air inlets on the bottom to let the air in?

    The insulation in the fridge looks like some kind of natural material. Do I need to remove the metal out of the fridge and clean out the insulation entirely?

    Would I be better off building a box outside of the fridge to put the smoke generator in?

    Soooo many questions... help! :-)
  2. The hot plates are 1000W, is this enough?

    also I meant "Do I need to remove the metal interior out of the fridge and clean out the insulation"

    I found the post about high temp silicone, http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/91668/high-temp-silicone, so I'll be looking for Rutland 500º RTV High Heat silicone sealant around here. Do I need to make sure all of the holes are plugged?
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  3.  Not sure about electric end of your build,  I would plug any holes just to keep moisture out of your insulation. Unless your cold smokin I'd ditch the plastic door cover and any plastic interior trim. Check those racks if your using them, they might be galv (food contact+heat??). Stack & vents, I went 4" duct top & bottom fully adjustable.
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    Now that smoker looks awesome and now I want to see it full of some mighty good food.