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Original poster
Jan 30, 2022
Wilson, NC
Anyone know of fix for "firebox" sag for Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker? I wrote email to BBQ SMOKER MODS giving my suggestion for "reinforcing" plate that could be inserted inside smoker end towards firebox heavier gauge than smoker and firebox. Bolted between the two. When heat put to firebox, just maybe that would prevent the
'heat" sag to firebox. I don't have the mechanical skills myself to fabricate myself, but would be interested in purchasing same.
Hi there - a little late but I just joined. I noticed the sag on my OKJ Highland. I had already purchased the baffle plates from BBQ Smoker Mods, not to solve the sag problem but to distribute the heat more uniformly in the cook chamber. Then I realized I could pull that wall in (and solve the sag problem) by bolting the baffle plate to the side of the cook chamber, using the bolts for the firebox that already existed, because they were just the right height. So I removed the two top firebox bolts, lined up the baffle plate, marked the bolt hole locations with a pencil, removed baffle, and drilled holes into the baffle plate. Replace baffle. Replace the bolts and nuts and torque them down. This pulled the wall back to where it was supposed to be. No more sag. Problem solved. It's been perfect ever since.

Good luck
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