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    New guy here, considering fabrication of a first smoker.

    After looking at the offset smokers available from several well-respected manufacturers, there doesn't seem to be a model that "fits" (at a good price). I spent a couple weeks reading and going through Feldon's BBQ pit calculator, and came up with the following:

    -Cooking chamber is a 24"x62" (from a 150gallon propane tank)
    -Firebox is 1/4 inch steel with 1" ceramic insulation
    -5" stack with smooth 90 degree mandrel bend
    -6.5" from cooking grate to tuning plates

    -6.5" from tuning plates to bottom

    -Would be mounted on a skinny trailer

    I'd love to get some feedback on the dimensions, based on your real-world experience.

    -Anything that looks wrong?

    -Suggestions?  (I'm set on a traditional,non RF design).

    -If I added a second cooking grate above the first, how much higher should it be?

    -Looks like the trailer mockup has ~9 cubic feet of wood storage.  Think that'd last a couple 14 hour cooks?

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