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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by rock daddy, May 3, 2015.

  1. rock daddy

    rock daddy Newbie

    Aloha I am wandering what you guys think of this smoker design? 

    1. Is my smoke box large enough? 16" W,27" T, 14" Deep

    2. My smoke stack extension . Should it come down to the first grate or the bottom cooking grate?

    3. Had it fired for over 6 hours and could not get above 160.

    4. Inside the fire box the grate is only about 2" above the firebox floor.

    Mahalo in advance.

  2. rock daddy

    rock daddy Newbie

    Anybody have any information or ideas?
  3. blacktopbutcher

    blacktopbutcher Fire Starter

    Personally it looks like you firebox damper is not large enough (not letting enough air in) and your pipe from the firebox to the cook chamber may be a little small.

    I think you need to look at the feldons bbq calculator (seeing as it is not a reverse flow smoker). link below.

    DaveOmak also built a calculator for reverse flow smokers but I double checked my numbers from the feldon calculator against his. he also provides a great calculator for determining your cut size into the cook chamber from the firebox (link to his calculator thread below).
  4. rock daddy

    rock daddy Newbie


    Do you think I can remedy this by adding a slide on the side of the firebox like on the bottom front of the cook chamber? can be seen in one of the pictures. Also do you think that one more 4" pipe would work added next to the original one from the fire box to the cook chamber? I tried the calulater and I think you are right on both accords.
  5. blacktopbutcher

    blacktopbutcher Fire Starter

    I think adding the additional slide will definately help. Just ensure you have the correct amount of area based on the calculator. same goes for the pipe. A 4 inch pipe only gives you 12.5 ish square inches. depending on what the calculator says you may need to add 1 or 2 more. I'm not sure, i dont have the specs for your smoker. You may also want to ensure your chimney is the corect size as well.
  6. rock daddy

    rock daddy Newbie

    How about the smoke stack extension? should it be to the first grate cooking surface or the bottom grate?
  7. blacktopbutcher

    blacktopbutcher Fire Starter

    That I can't confirm. seems like people do what they like haha. I personally have the top portion of my exhaust plenum 2" below the top of my cook chamber and extends down to my cook grate level. Not sure how it'll work but I'll find out soon.

    my build thread:
  8. rock daddy

    rock daddy Newbie

    I like that that's a great build. As they say in Hawai,i She Go
  9. dockman

    dockman Smoking Fanatic

    Hole size from FB to CC looks to small. I would replace stack with a 5" pipe or a 6" would be even better
  10. rock daddy

    rock daddy Newbie

    ok Mahalo,
  11. smokejumper

    smokejumper Smoking Fanatic

    I agree with what others have said, you really need more opening from the FB to the CC.

    At least one more pipe, and get rid of the damper in the pipe between the firebox and cook chamber.

    Better yet would be to cut it off, get rid of the pipe and attach the firebox directly to the cook chamber.

    Also appears that your firebox is too small. It should be at least 1/3 the volume of your cook chamber.

    Definitely want to add more air intakes to the firebox. They should also be below the level of the fire grate, so air feed the fire from underneath.

    Not sure why you have an air intake in the bottom of the cook chamber. Was this used as a grill at some point? Best to close it off when smoking.

    As for the chimney, there is no real difference in the height of the opening inside the cook chamber, as long as it is above the bottom rack.

    I hope this helps.
  12. rock daddy

    rock daddy Newbie

    OK thanks for all the info. I will update smoker pictures soon with all mods
  13. rock daddy

    rock daddy Newbie

    Ok here is an update. Added larger port on the side of Firebox. Also opened up the opening to the smoke chamber, added a holding box above the Firefox. Made a wood rack for the firebox. Installed thermometer. That's it! I think
  14. blacktopbutcher

    blacktopbutcher Fire Starter

    Nice, let us know how it works after the mods.
  15. That doesn't look half bad wonder how it cooks,  I have been looking at several that look very similar to that .

    Here is my fave.

    Pretty similar to your except the smoke box is on the opposite end of the barrell
  16. rock daddy

    rock daddy Newbie

    Ok so it cooks great now!in stoked. No pun intended. About 5 degrees different in the left and the right side. Gets up to temp fairly quickly and holds a good 2-300 range. I'm really happy with it that said thanks again to everyone for all the input.
  17. rock daddy

    rock daddy Newbie

  18. rock daddy

    rock daddy Newbie

    Bacon! Should have gotten the Beef Ribs and BBQ Chicken before i took them off. Ahh next time. Thanks again Guys
  19. smokejumper

    smokejumper Smoking Fanatic

    That looks awesome!

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