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My First Build

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I figure I should contribute as this site has given me a ton of info. my build has currently spanned over a year and really sat dormant for most of that time. I've recently picked up where I left off and I'm determined to get this thing done by May 2015. below are some pics of the progress.



(2014) CC and FB sliced. after this i capped the ends and welded the FB on. Then some other projects took precedence.



Built the legs and mounted some old cast pulleys for wheels.


Ant this is where I'm pretty well at now.


Next on the agenda will be finishing the lower shelf, build hinges, cut out the door on CC and FB and figure out what I'm doing for the chimney (I've posed the question here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/184042/chimney-length). Still plenty to do but 4 weeks should be plenty of time.

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It looks good so far. Is this going to be a reverse flow? Have you looked at feldons calculator?

Happy smoken.


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Good looking BlacktopButcher! Stay with that build and keep us posted!
- Ryan
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Thanks guys. And yes I did use the feldons calculator. I then noticed Dave's calculator and checked my smoker against it. all seems to be within spec. just trying to figure out the length of the chimney and where to make the cutout for the plenum.

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Managed to get the lower shelf and door cut. The door sprung a bit so that'll be my project for tomorrow I guess.

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Looking good!
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Managed to get the cooking chamber door half assed straight and the pot warmer over the fire box. Anyone else think it's a good idea to cut the door out under the pot warmer? I'm contemplating the idea. Currently the pot warmer is just on top of the actual firebox door and not in direct contact with the heat. Happy Easter!
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Nice work this weekend butcher. I'm sorry, but I'm knocking to be of much help because I cook on an upright smoker. If it were my bill that I would just google pictures and see what I could do it and what I liked.

Jesus has risen!
Happy Easter!
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Got a little done today between errands. Managed to get the flanges on the top and bottom of the CC door and got my hinges on.

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Butcher, IMHO if your hot plate is completely enclosed, it would help if you bored several holes in the top of the FB. That way plenty of heat can get to the hot plate without losing any heat or smoke. The hot plate is also a good place to pre-heat splits before putting them in the FB.
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Thanks for the input Joe. I'm thinking of removing all of the door underneath the warmer rather than just boring holes, mainly because I do not want a buildup of junk that I can't clean out. I don't want any place for rust to start that I'm unable to get to fairly easily. Thanks again.

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Sounds good to me, probably better.
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Got some jewelry in today.
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Got the doors swinging and flanged. Managed to get a start on the racks as well. I was also able to cut out the firebox door under the pot warmer. 







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Looking good, Black. I really like those wheels.
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Looking good so far, keep it up!
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Blacktop, I've been keeping up with your build and I think everything is looking great. I see you got the FB door cut out. That should really give good heat to the warming plate. Just one small thing I see that you may want to think about. You probably will get better heat management and more air control if you close up that big hole in the end of the FB. Just saying, Joe
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