Nostalgia (at least for me) with some chicken thighs

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Jun 12, 2019
Allentown, PA
Hey all,
I’ve been using the vortex and other techniques to cook chicken thighs etc. lately. But the other day I decided to just to a nice grilling session over some hot hickory lump. So I took a few boneless thighs, seasoned em up, and threw em on. Followed it up with some sweet potatoes. Simple.

But for whatever reason that flavor hit like it came off a backyard grill from when I was a kid. Some salt, some spice, and whole big punch of char. Can’t remember doing them like this in a while and I’ll be doin it more (totally understanding that lots of folks do it this way all the time).

Thanks for lookin!

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Looks good and funny you did this. I was talking to my Wife and said I would love to have the chicken Dad grilled growing up. Now I won't be including the copious amount of Lighter Fluid Dad used to get the Charcoal going, but I did have my Wife buy a bottle of BULLSEYE BBQ SAUCE...JJ
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flavor hit like it came off a backyard grill from when I was a kid
I totally get it . Couple weeks ago I tried the Dr. Bakers chicken posted at the top of this forum .
The smell coming from that reminded me of 1965 . Dad in the backyard with one of those open hood type grills . Maull's bbq sauce and Falstaff beer .

Need to add , the chicken looks great . Love that char on the skin .
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Love a good char on my chicken too. It can be a little tricky not to let the flare-ups get out of hand with all the fat rendering out of the thighs. But I also think that's part of the magic just what Brian said:
Nothing like the flavor from the juices hitting the coals.

Wife buy a bottle of BULLSEYE BBQ SAUCE...JJ

Bullseye! Now there is a brand I haven't seen in a while... It's the Kraft brand that does it for me for the "oldschooll" flavor, but I remember switching to Bullseye when it came out because I liked it better... hmmm. Come to think of it, I think it was made by Kraft? Must find some now!
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Those look delicious!
Judy makes bone in skin on breasts on the grill that are to die for.
No smoke, just grilled chicken. She sauces them thru out the cook. & flips them numerous times. What a mess on the grill, but I clean it up cause she did the cooking.
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My dad HATED chicken, so I didn't get it much growing up. Then we moved from CA to TN in my early teen years. We had a next door neighbor who grilled four parted chickens every summer weekend. I was in grilled, charred chicken heaven.

Thanks for the inspiration, JCAP! I've got two whole birds in the freezer. Time to part and grill!
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