North Country Summer Sausage

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Dec 25, 2010
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This is the last of my NC SS From Owens. Just enough for the 2.5 lbs of fresh ground chuck i have had in my freezer.
Going to be stuffing tomorrow in the new casing i got from my friend in Ukrain

Going with the two single cut casings.

Mix and cure together, mix well.

Not my norm but adding 3T distilled water to the dry.
Let this sit for 10 mins so it comes together before mixing into meat.

Mixed and ready for the fridge.
Tomorrow i will re mix by hand before stuffing.
Different ingredients in the mixes.
Asked my wife where my mix is? She said i froze it yesterday morning........YIKES

This morning its defrosted and i got one length of the casing soaking.

Re hand mix and going to stuff and hang room temp until 8a when i get the smoker fired up.
Cant make noise here until 8.
Casing been soaking.

Mix up 5/8oz freebinder for just in case the casings want to stick.

Mix into meat really good. Dont over work it.

Run meat to the end of the tube, this will eliminate any air on the top of the casing.

Here we is stuffed. Different look.

And a dinky one. Room temp hang for 1.5 hours.

Looks good. Sometimes our wife's are a little "too" efficient. I have had that happen before, take meat out to thaw and they toss it right back in the freezer. Oh well, sets ya back a day.
Ha don't remember what we are doing is showing signs of ageing. :emoji_wink: :emoji_laughing:
Looking good Rick.


And when i go to the shed and i look and say what am i doing.....CRAP.......Time to take thinking meds.

I went up to get milk and few things, my wife called and said Uhh you have 2 chubs hanging?
Double crappers.

She even started the smoker and hung em.
I said how did you clean the firepot?
With the weed blower.

Im going to retire.

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I got it cut and served and didnt get a pic.....WHAAAAAT.......Brain cramps is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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