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  1. Whats going on everyone?!?!?!? I'm a smoking newbie just outside DFW, TX. I have been extremely interested in really getting into smoking meat for a while and I finally bought a Oklahoma Joe Highland. I am in process at the moment of smoking 4 T-Bones and some Bell Peppers. I am excited to see how it's going to come out. I'll post pictures of the meat smoking and the end product later on. Great to "meat" y'all!!!
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    What do you mean "smoking newbie". I thought all Texans were born with a smoking gene, and ate smoked ribs, roasts, briskets, etc. at least once a day. Then once they move away from mama and daddy's, started smoking their own meat. You must have just moved away from home.[​IMG]

    All kidding aside, welcome to SMF. This is a great forum. It is user friendly, and the more you participate, the more fun it is.
  3. Well, I grew up eating it but never participated in the cooking part. Joined the military, never had time to grill/smoke. As of 01Jun I am no longer active and am a reservest. Finally settled and beginning to grill/smoke.
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    First , I would like to thank you for your time in the Service , and becoming a Reservist . Now , a [​IMG]  to the SMF , and glad to 'meat' you too [​IMG]

    Be careful of contracting  O.S.P. (Obsessive Smoking Problem ) . This site is infected . [​IMG]

    Holler at Skelly , he's in N. Dallas. My Homey there  [​IMG]  .

    I'm waiting on those Q-view Steaks , don't burn them . . . [​IMG]  Well , [​IMG].

    Have fun and . . .
  5. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a nice warm day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

    And Grillmonkey, you are right we are born with a Smoking/BBQ gene.  

  6. And here is the Q-View!!! Last night was fantastic!!! First Picture is the T-Bones and the Bell Peppers as i put them on. They stayed on in total for 1.5 - 2 hours. Each steak was around 1.15 lbs and was pulled at internal temp of appx 128. Grill temp was widely variable but i found and they have a set of seals and a baffle plate for evenly spreading that heat. I'll be ordering those with my next paycheck!!!

    At about 1.5 hours i used the grate over the firebox for a quick 20-30 second sear on each side. I then returned the steaks to the smoking pit because i learned that my mother and father in law were going to be about a half hour late. I left the firebox open so the smoke pit just stayed warm to keep those steaks warm. They stayed that way for a half hour.

    They tasted so good i nearly forgot to take a picture of the meat. Here it is though. My wife made a homemade garlic butter that we put on top. But here is the filet side of the T-Bone. It was melt in your mouth tender on the filet side!!! I am very happy with the way this turned out!

    Let me know y'alls thoughts and opinions!!!
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    Looks awesome!!! Perfectly cooked. Points for you!
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    Welcome from SC, Johnson. Thank you for your service. Those steaks look terrific. You're off on the right foot. (hard for a service guy, ya'll always start on the left foot) lol. I know you will enjoy this site.

    Grillmonkey was right. You Texans start burning cows at an early age. But remember, True BBQ started in SC. On the eighth day, God made the pig, and God said, mmmmmmm. Good luck, Joe
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    Hmmm. I would say the Q started in NC. Go heels! :icon_razz:
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    I think we could all use a history lesson. BBQ pork originated in Georgia, and BBQ beef was started in West Texas. (Everybody knows pigs don't sweat, that's why they wallow in mud, and it was so dry pigs couldn't survive in West Texas, so they took to BBQing steers.) At least that's how I think it went.

    But back to the original poster, I wasn't surprised it turned out great Johnson. I told you you have the BBQ gene.

    Oh yeah, [​IMG]
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    Hello Johnson you'll find lots of helpful folks here that love barbecue.  When I lived in North Texas I never cooked briskets either, good barbecue was too easy to go pick up.  There is very little barbecue good or bad in West Texas, for barbecue Central Texas is the place to be.  Thank you for your service and enjoy being out!
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  12. Well to mention on where BBQ originated, i'm not sure, but i've had BBQ in Nashville, New Orleans, and All Over Texas. It's different everywhere but always fantastic and that's what matters. I want to try a brisket but not for a little bit. Seems like quite the challenge to get done well. @Aggie94, I live  about 45 minutes West of Fort Worth. There is plenty of good meat around here. Now for me to try to transform it into a masterpiece....
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    I miss living in Fort Worth.  Angelos, Riscky, Railhead, Spring Creek, so many good barbecue places!  I wouldn't put off cooking a brisket, each one I cook I learn something on it.
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  14. Those are all great places,   Where are you living now ?

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    Gary I live in Midland, but I still tell people I'm from Ft. Worth.  Forgot they also have Cousins and now Hard 8.  Lots of Mexican food out here but barbecue is rarer than hen's teeth.  Everytime I see all those pictures of your cooking I think "I wish Whitehouse wasn't so far away!".  Those Hot Links looked great!
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    Johnson those are great looking steaks, and very nice pictures of your cooking.  You and your wife are really going to enjoy that smoker this summer.  Those offset smokers are fun but have a few challenges and modifications really do make a difference.
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  17. Hey ,Thanks a bunch.  Is it still as busy there as it was a few years ago ?  I am not familiar with BBQ joints in Midland / Odessa  but there a a couple (maybe more) over in Abilene.   You are just going to have to Make Your Own


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