No MES, But got a SMOKIN" deal on a Bradley

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Original poster
Oct 8, 2009
As some of you may know I was in the market for a 30" MES.  The bad part is that no one around me carries them or any accessories.  Well in my search for a new smoker after my brinkmann went out last month, I found a great deal on a Bradley 4rack Stainless Steel on Craigslist.  Not only was it brand spanking new still in the box, but i got a cover, 48 pack of the pucks as well.  A store by me has them for sale for $485 plus $40 for the cover & $20 for the pucks a box.  So I got $545 worth of stuff for guess how much.  $225...   Seasoned it up last night, and put a brisket in at 5am this morning, ribs are going on at 11am and Chicken Quarters @ 3pm.

Congrats on the new Bradley that was a good deal. Don't forget the Qview

 Good luck and have fun!!!

Good Luck, you will need it...

Where do you live that there are no Sam's, Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot Stores?

Yes congrats on the new smoker and one heck of a deal too.               SWEET
We have a Lowe's, Walmart, Home Depot, in fact a few of each.  The problem is that none of them stock MES smokers, and things like this I like to see in person before buying.  It seems here in Portland, OR, smoking meat is not a really popular thing, but oh well.  So far the smoker is great, i heard alot of complaints about not being able to get up to temp, I have had no issues at all.  heated up in 30 minutes this morning.  When ever I open the door it drops the temp but its back up to 225 in about 5-10 minutes.  Love it, the automated pucks for smoke is a wonderful feature as well.
You're gonna luv that smoker, had one for about a yr now, the best feature is the bisquettes. load it up for for how many hrs. smoke you want and forget it. The only downside is the slide temp control takes a while to master, after I used mine for a few months I got an Auber PID dual control. One probe mounts in the cabinet and controls thw temp, the other probe is for the meat temp, if you only smoke accasionally the slide temp control will suffice though.  
Dont blame you none. I have also been lurking around and reading a lot. This site is mostly a MES site so you have a lot of that like them. I also go to the Bradly site and read and they like them better. Dont think either would be bad but I also like the bradly for several reason.They seem to be more air tight and can use a chimnney to vent. They also have very good customer service according to the people that own them. They have the puck smoker so the fire can be located else where and smoke with no heat.The pucks cost 30-50 cents each good for 20 minutes each. All the mods a person wants to do is posted on there and have been done and approved. WIth the contoller you can set them and control heat and smoke seperate with out opening the door and it will increase heat when ever you like to get the temps you want you can also set it to shut off at a time or just drop to a lower temp. I dont need a stove just a smoker so 275 is plenty of heat.Hope you have a good time I sure you will. Just jealous here. LOL is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.