NINE POUND chuckie with Q-VIEW

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Dec 26, 2010
Lake Isabella, Ca.
I picked up a big center cut boneless chuck roast this morning for my first try at a chuckie.

I'm thinking of smoking overnight while sleeping. Plan to start and not check for 7/8 hours. With a roast this large at 225 to 250deg. I'm thinking I should be o.k.

Anyone think it could be a problem? I'm using a uds that i've had no problems with maintaining tempature with. I have pictures of the before and will post Q-View when done.

What are you using to smoke this with. How are you going to manage the temp issue overnight?

I have an electric smoker and use an AMNS for a smoke source so this would not be an issue.  You may have some overnite temp issues where you live - what is the overnite temp going to drop to?
where I live (central ca.) overnight temp about 50deg. smoked a pork butt overnight couple weeks ago checked all night never flutuated.
I know exactly where you live. I was concerned that your temps drop overnite. If you can maintain the temps then go for it.

We have been going thru a cold snap here with temps getting down into the 30's.  Good luck and  I gotta tell you - you will love Chuckies. You can do so many things with them.  Stick a pan under the Chuckie with a quart of stock - hopefully beef stock and an onion cut into slices and you will have some amazing aujus to go with the Chuckie

I personally can't sleep with a fire going. If you feel good with it then go for it. I can't wait for your post tomorrow. Oh yea that has to be one of the biggest chuckies that I have ever heard of. I really want to see this thing. 
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well the roast has been on for a couple of hours now, tempature stable at 225. Time for some sleep, dreaming of pulled beef sammies. Pictures tomorrow.
Good luck!!

 Waiting on the pictures...

I checked it at 6:30 this morn. temp at 171deg. foiled it and went back to sleep. Got up at 8:40 and checked, temp at 209. placed in the cooler wrapped in towel.  Just pulled it and it fell apart with very little encouragement. put in big crock pot with sauce I found by Wingman. Pictures to follow today
Man that came out great. Congrats on a great success
Sorry, before pictures didn't turn out. Quick review.

A friend at the local Von's cut Me a nine pound boneless chuckie. seasoned with steak rub and into the refrierator for the day. Started the smoke about 9:30pm. Watched the temp for about 2 hours and went to bed. Up at 6:30 and checked, smoker still at 225deg and meat at 171deg. Wrapped in foil and went back to bed :). Up at 8:45 checked meat at 209deg. wrapped in a towel and placed in cooler for three hours temp now at 165deg. Onto the pull, pretty much just fell apart,nice smoke ring if I do say so myself. Used hardwood lump with cherry and pecan chunks. Put in crock pot with WINGMANS sauce using Sweet baby rays and Dr. pepper. All thats left is the eatin.
Looks tasty.

If you're hankering for an old fashioned breakfast, cook up 2 or 3 eggs, toss in some pre-warmed pulled chuck along with whatever sauce you were planning on finishing it with.  A little cheese, and you've got yourself a really tasty breakfast.  Chuckie breakfast tacos are just as amazing! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.