Newbies Attempt at Pork Spare Ribs -- With QView

Discussion in 'Pork' started by matttucker, May 28, 2012.

  1. After my last smoke (Citrus Leg Quarters) turned out great, I thought I was up to stepping into the big boy shoes and smoking some pork spare ribs for Memorial Day.

    On the menu for tonight is 12-1/2lbs of Pork Spare RIbs, potatoes lightly coated in a sun-dried vinagarrete dressing then grilled and coated with parmesean cheese, a side of roasted carrots and served with two bottles of Pinot Noir wine.

    I am also attempting to use my recently purchased AMNSP for the first time (i seasoned it for 1-1/2 at 275 in my MES 30 before use.).  So this is a post of many firsts.

    On with the pictures.

    Photo # 01


    (12-1/2lbs of Pork Spare Ribs ready for the rub to be applied the night before the smoke.)

    Photo # 02


    (A look at the Pork Spare Ribs after a French's Yellow Mustard and "Grill Master" Pork Rub was liberally applied.  Next time, I will endeavor to make my own rub.....but baby steps.)

    Photo # 03


    (A look at the 12-1/2lbs of Pork Spare Ribs, after a night coated in the rub and settling in the fridge.  I didn't have enough plastic wrap, so I opted for the zip lok freezer bags.)

    Photo # 04


    (A look at one of the racks with the "trimmings" that were left, when i was forced to trim the spare ribs to fit the racks of my MES 30.  I should have trimmed these before they were rubbed last night.)

    Photo # 05


    (Another look at one of the racks ready for the smoker.)

    Photo # 06


    (I didn't want to waste any of the "trimmings" so this is the last rack ready for the smoker and it will go on the top rack of the MES 30, and will hopefully provide me with a nice afternoon snack at one of the door openings for the 3-2-1 method.)

    Photo # 07


    (A look inside the MES 30 with 12-1/2lbs of Pork Spare Ribs, and the AMNSP.  I left the water pan in, as a drip tray, to help protect the AMNSP pellets, because I couldn't get the tent to work right).

    Photo # 08


    (Settling in for a nice smoke.)

    More photos to come as the day progresses.

    --Matt Tucker
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  2. Sorry for the double post.  I didn't know us "newbies" had our messages with photos held for moderation before posting.  I kept posting it, and on the third attempt, decided just to post a message and edit the message to add the images.  Sorry for the confusion.  This is the thread I will update with the photos and what not.  Thanks again for any comments and feedback.

    --Matt Tucker
  3. Well, I am 3hrs into the first smoke and just pulled them off to foil wrap them.  My AMNSP had trouble staying lit.  I am going to need to run that down a little bit more to get the air flow right (will need to do some research on the forum and make some mods to my smoker).  But in the end, i was able to get it lit by shear determination.

    Here are some photos at 3hrs in when i pulled them to add some Apple Juice and foil wrap them.

    Photo # 09


    (The "pork spare rib trimmings" after 3hrs of smoke.)

    Photo # 010


    (A look at the second rack after 3hrs of smoke.)

    Photo # 011


    (A look at the 3rd rack after 3hrs of smoke.  I was surprised how tender the sacrificial piece was at 3hrs in.)

    Photo # 012


    (All wrapped up and ready for 2hrs in the foil wrapped packs.)

    More Photos To Come......
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  4. Well, I just served up the Pork Spare Ribs to my wife, kids, and another couple.  I heard "i have never eaten ribs so tender" a couple of times.  No sauce was needed, and I thought they turned out great as well.

    Below is a photo of the finished smoked meat (12-1/2lbs of Pork Spare Ribs):

    Photo # 013


    (The pork spare ribs, and "trimmings" crisped up quite a bit in the final hour in the smoker, and was what i had hoped for, but wasn't expecting in an electric smoker.)

    A couple of things I learned / need to still figure out:

    1.  Need to experiment and make my own rub

    2.  Need to figure out how to keep my AMNSP lit during the smoke.  I really struggled with this.  I could get it lit, but I didn't keep it lit once inside the smoker.  (I kept the chip tray pulled out about 2" and the loader was removed, and i had the vent at the top completely open.

    3.  12-1/2lbs of Pork Spare Ribs was too much for 4 adults and 2 teenage girls.

    Thanks for looking.

    --Matt Tucker
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    They look Great!! Glad everyone liked them. #3 is never a problem, leftovers are great, I always cook too much and freeze it for lunches.
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    Nice job for your first attempt at ribs!

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