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    Good evening.  AmerBrittGuy here for SE Pennsylvania.  (American Brittany Guy, as in bird dogs).  I have been barbecuing, smoking, etc. for 30 years.  Used everything from a weber to a 32" Masterbuilt charcoal unit, electric Masterbuilt vertical smoker, to a Weber Genesis.  Going all in.  Today went all in.  Ordered 20"x1/2" steel pipe from a nearby scrap yard ($0.20/lb).  They are going to cut two pieces for me (thanks to the calculator), one 48" for the CC and a 16" piece for the FB.  They are going to cut 3 1/2" thick pieces slightly smaller than the OD of the 20" pipe for the ends/connector.  I told them 'no rush' so it'll be ready after Christmas.  I have been trolling here getting ideas for a while, thanks for all the good info!

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