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Jan 7, 2017
Hey guys! I'm a newbie to this forum but not new to smoking. Got a new electric smoker for Christmas so I'm having some fun playing with new ideas. Been smoking Northern Pike for some time now with great success but want to perfect Chicken and Venison. I have a venny roast soaking in brine as we speak. Q-Has anyone played with home grown woods like grapevine, crab apple or plum?
Welcome to the forum!

Glad to have you with us!

Not sure about those woods, down here we get mostly oak & hickory.

After reading a few threads I am thinking about using some of my natural red oak I have in my wood pile soon. What types of meat pair up good with red oak?
Welcome to the forum!

I have used crab apple, for pork.  Make sure it is dry and free of bark, it is a bit more pungent then standard apple, so you may want to cut back on how much you use.

Red Oak will be a bit stronger smoke then you get from white oak.  It will go with pretty much any beef product and you can mix it with fruit woods for pork and chicken.

Good luck!

Smoke ON!

- Jason
Yeah man...Glad to have another pike smoker here...I love smoked pike
I've heard of grapevine wood but never used it but i use crab apple and mulberry quite often...They're both mellow like apple, just different...Lol...
I've used crab apple on my pike and it worked great and there's a thread on here somewhere about pairing woods and meats n veggies.
I love red oak with my brisket...ive got a hardwood sawmill near by and scarf scraps all the time...
Just make sure your "home cut" wood is well seasoned (dry) as green or wet wood soots up your smoker and sometimes makes food bitter...
If I'm using fresh split logs I usually wait at least a full season before using them to smoke with...Small branches and stuff that's fallen to the ground is usually pretty dry and safe to use right after its gathered...I won't use anything spongy or punky...No evidence it's bad or would be just thinking it probably wouldn't be good by the way it smells on a fire.
Good smoken
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Good suggestions. I think I'll mix some Apple with oak for venison and see what the results are.
Thanks dude...This sight is really cool...Lots of insights, great stories and TONS of info and recipes...And the members have amazing wealth of experience and knowledge...
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