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Newbie here Ready to Build

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by menace21, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Morning everyone. I recently acquired an old metal executone cabinet and thought it would make a great smoker. Inside dimensions are 16" deep 32" wide and about 6' tall. It has double doors on both sides which I may weld one side shut, louvers on both sides top and bottom that I will put a sliding plate to open and close as needed. I plan on using the northern tool burner and expanded metal for the racks. So far all I have done was gut the cabinet and spray it with rust oleum grill paint. I have to figure out how far to space the racks and what to use for brackets to hold them up. I will use steel or wood dowels for hanging sausage and will need to keep them from rolling. I will mostly be using this smoker to smoke deer sausage, deer bacon and large items that won't fit on my small electric smoker. I'm open to all suggestions and advice anyone has to offer. Hope to hear from y'all soon.
  2. I like what your thinking here!
  3. Somebody here has to have some advice! :sausage:
  4. I just noticed something with my upper exhaust vents. They are designed to bring air in with the louvers open from the bottom. Will this suffice?
  5. Just a couple updated pics. I made the vent slides out of 16 ga sheet metal and flat bar and a bolt for a knob.
  6. Oh and don't mind the messy shed!
  7. Y'all don't all post at once now.....
  8. goliath

    goliath Smoking Fanatic

    i just finished a build. best to go to the smoker build forum and get some ideas from there. right now you have a tin box. you must decide on a heat source, smoke source, insulation,door gaskets....the racks are the easy part .. its all on here my friend. ya can spend hours just looking at all the great jobs the boys on here have done. some very thrifty and some spent the big $$$$$$$$

    mine is under    http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/151047/coldspot-freezer-build (puffed out chest.. proud of it..  ha ha ha)

    i started this summer with an MES 30" and like you then wanted to GO BIG OR GO HOME.

    like i said, a huge amount of info in the forum ...

    GOOD LUCK and keep us posted !!!
  9. Trust me I've been lurking on here for a while. But that's the kind of info I need. I don't want to be almost finished and realized I should have done something different.
  10. I've finally got to a point where it's ready to smoke. I'm having a problem keeping my amnps going though. Even with it right next to the vent.
  11. goliath

    goliath Smoking Fanatic

    NICE JOB........
    looks like its going fine in the picture.
  12. JckDanls 07

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    just found this thread... the only thing i can say is... once dowels are loaded with sausage they will not roll as you would think.... so really no need for special racks to hold the dowels....
  13. It's going good because the doors open. After they are closed for a few it really slows down and just about goes out. I have a 5 inch hole under the burner as well as a vent as shown on both sides. As for the dowels I have that under control now.