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Apr 2, 2014
Liberty, MO
Hi everyone. I've been following this forum for a few years but now that I have a new MES I decided to dig in and join the fun. Looking forward to learning more.

I've had an offset cheapie for several years and it's done ok, but just too many leaks. I'm excited about the MES but the first couple did not go well at all. Pork butt with little flavor and a completely ruined brisket. I can manage the pork butt, the brisket has me stumped. It was up to 180 after just a couple hours. Temp was set at 225 and vent was closed as much as possible (I understand there is much debate over this).

The unit was a Christmas gift so of course I tried it in cold weather. Let it warm up though, and seemed ready to roll, but terrible brisket. The wood chips (not soaked) didn't completely burn to ashes either.

Is there a "basics of MES" thread someone can share?

Thanks in advance, I'm sure I'll need lots of help!

OK first of all the Temps in a MES are almost always wrong I would reccomenda Maverick thermometer to monitor your smoker temp and food temp.  Mine is off about 10-30 degrees at all times.  Also use the search above and look for AMazen pellet smoker they are a sponsor on this site and have the best smoking product in the world and will allow you to cold smoke also when you get into it.   also I am copying some info I gave to others on Brisket as I have finally found my Zen place with briskies.

See you soon for a Royals game.

copied from another post last year....

This was my first full packer smoke.

Got a 12lber and based on past experiences with just doing flats, I no longer use a regular rub Just salt and pepper 50/50.  That bark becomes this nice salty bit of awesomeness, by itself it is salty but when that flat is sliced it is just awesome.

Based on lots of questions asked I smoked it until about 165 and separated the point and the flat which was really easy at that point.  I put the flat back in the smoker after adding some more S&P in the area the point was connected and took her to 195.  I rested it in a cooler for two hours then sliced her into the best sandwiches I ever had and my father in-law ruined by putting ketchup on it.   

When the point was removed from the flat I chopped into one inch cubes, sauced it, sprinkled with rub and put it back in the smoker for another almost two hours with occasional stirring and adding of rub.  

I will always do it the same  way from now on because I can't ask for anything better in my opinion.  My guests were WOWed by the burnt ends and loved the brisket sammies also.

Total smoke time was about 21 hours at 235-245 in my MES using the AMZNPS with a fully tray of Pitmasters choice.
Welcome to SMF from Lees Summit! Like Little smokey said.....Get a digital thermometer and a AMZPS. TJohnson is a great guy and has both the thermometers and pellet smokers. He'll take good care of you. The MES's aren't known for they're great chip burning or accurate thermometers. Plus you have to go out every 30 to 45 mins and reload chips. With the AMZEN smokers you load, light, set and forget. They run for hours.
Sounds like good advice for a MES owner, sorry I'm a stick/charcoal RF guy

Gary S
Wow, so out of the box they need help huh? That's unfortunate. I'll look into the advice though. Definitely not trying the same thing again.
I have heard so many times about people getting a new smoker and the gage is off. Looks like they need better QC. Anyway I check my gage several time a year just to make sure it's accurate. Once you get the temp gage working things should get easier.

As I said I have a RF but here is what I do for Brisket (one note I didn't always have an RF I started with an ECB and cooked on a straight flow for years)  here goes, I get a full packer brisket from Sam's. While my smoker is coming up to temp I start trimming it down to where the fat cap is about a 1/4" all over. I rub it with olive oil (or any good oil) and coat with coarse ground black pepper and salt (I keep mine pretty simple) then on the smoker for 5 to 6 hours spritzing every so often with apple juice or sometimes apple juice and apple cider vinegar 50/50. I smoke at 225º.

Then I pull it off wrap in butcher paper and back on for another 5 -6 hours or so. Then I take it leaving it in the butcher paper, wrap in a couple old towels and into the cooler for an hour or so. Always has a nice bark, great smoke ring and juicy and tender. This is just how I do it because my family and myself like the flavor. Sure not the only way with rubs and temps but works for me. I usually use hickory or pecan along with lump charcoal.

Here is the last brisket I smoked

Hey David

Welcome to the Smoking  forum.   You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have.  Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right.  LOL.   Don’t forget to post qviews.

Thanks for all the tips everyone. AMNPS is scheduled to deliver Monday! Off to find a thermometer now so I can get this thing dialed in! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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