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Jan 23, 2022
Hey everyone, I’m a new member here and have only been smoking meats for about 10 months since I got my first smoker (a Weber Smokey Mountain). The only beef I’ve done before was a brisket, which turned out really well. I wanted to try something new and the butcher recommended beef blade, so I bought it. I later found out that there were different types of blade cuts so I called to ask what exactly this one was and was told that given it’s weight (over 3kg) that it’s the actual blade itself, not a seperate cut like oyster blade, bloar blade, etc. I’m still very new to smoking so I’m wondering how to approach this cook?

My thoughts were to smoke it at say 225 to 250F until it hits the stall in that 160F range, then put it in a foil pan, add some liquid and put it back in the smoker at about the 275F range until it reaches an internal temperature of around 205F so I can rest it and make pulled beef. Does that sound anywhere near what I should be doing? If so, should I cover it in foil once I add the liquid to the tray, or just put it back in unwrapped?
Welcome from Tennessee. Your plan sounds solid to me. Yes cover with foil. Also it's ok to take it to the oven and crank up the heat at that time. When it's finished wrap it in foil and throw it in a cooler with towels for an hour or so. Save the juice from your pan and defat it. Mix it in with the beef after you pull it. I do alot of pulled beef from chuck roasts and I usually take the finished IT to around 210. I get a better product that way. Most importantly a good portion of our members can't read so make sure to post pics!

There are different ways, but that is a solid plan! After you crush this one you can play around a bit to see what you like! Yes, be sure to take pictures for us!
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