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    I got a 500 gallon propane tank, this will be my first build. I would like to do reverse flo but need some advise. Say my firebox is on the left, I weld the plate in 4 inches below the bottom rack, the opening of the plate would be on the right? Then my stack would be on the left? So the smoke has to travel undernieth the plate under the whole length, then into the smoke chamber then all the way across to the left out the stack, am I right? Also, what would be the dimensions of the firebox, Im too confused with the chart. Any other suggestions?
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    Good luck!

    This sounds like quite a project!
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    You are right about the design.  4" above the plate for the first grill level, and I would go a minimum of 7 inches between grates.  Should be able to do three levels in a 500 gallon tank without a problem.   The firebox needs to be 34 inches square according to my numbers.  10 inch diameter exhaust stack that is 25 inches in length from where it exits the tank.  You will want the exhaust tube to extend down to about the middle of the tank.  The gap on the end of the reverse flow plate should be about 85 - 100 Square inches.  The hole between the firebox and tank should be about 120 Square inches.  The plate should slope down towards the end opposite of the firebox about 3 to 5 degree's.   You will need about 140 Square inches of fresh air inlet for the firebox that is odvioulsy adjustable.   The rest is up to your own creativity!

    Good luck!

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