Newbe Oldsarge1 from Lynchburg,Tn.

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May 19, 2010
Hi Everyone,I'm Oldsarge1 from Lynchburg, Tn. We just finished building our house here about three years ago and I had Half a Pallet of Brick left over. I had been reading the forum here for about a year or so and getting the monthly news letters. I decided to use the rest of the brick and try to build a smoker,I'm new at this so I went to the Libraery of Congress web site and found Pictures and drawings of old smokers from the late 1700's on foreward. I found a set of plans I liked and scaled it down to fit my oneday to be courtyard. the past two winters I've been helping a friend to tare down a few Barns for the wood so I also used some 100yr old wood along with the Brick. I wish I could Post a couple of Pic's of it but I don't know how right now. I'll be happy to post pic's when I figure out how. It's a home made smoker but it works. I've been reading the forum for awhile now and have really enjoyed it. I hope in the future I'll also be of some help to another newbe. Right now
the wife wants me to start out out Smoking some cheese,she say's it's cheeper to replace than meat, I think it's because she likes a glass of win in the evening and wants smoke cheese to go with her wine. I got into this when the wife found a book on how to smoke Meat the old fashion way.
A friend also came to visit from Texas and Brought a Ham from a hog he killed on his ranch. soooo,
what better time to jump in and learn, so here I am. I would like to say thanks to Barry for putting me in the right direction. :biggrin:
Take Care Everyone
Welcome to SMF - great reading about your build - we love qview so be sure to post up some pics of that smoker
Welcome to the forum

I don't know where you buy cheese but in my neck of the woods pork butt is a lot cheaper and better tasting in my opinion!

Posting pics is easy,  In your reply area look for the little square box between the right turn arrow and the filmstrip.  Follow the directions,  find the pic on your computer and download to the forum  A bunch easier then it used to be.

Just got back from visiting Lynchburg when I went to Columbia to see my sister.  You got a small whiskey making place up there that is pretty famous if you didn't know that already

Good luck and welcome

Welcome to the SMF Sarge....was hoping to see some pics of that build you did. Better figure out the Q/View angle and post some up. Lots of info here on smoking guy did it with a cardboard box, amazing ingenuity
I posted a couple of pic's, a message said since i was new it had to go through a I hope they make it after the mod see's them. Thanks for the welcome everyone.I'll check back lator this evening to see if the Pic's made it. If Not I'll try again.
Take Care
I'm sure you won't have any problem.  Just a way to keep the site clean and cut down on some of the spam.

I agree,I don't think there will be a Problem either, I have ATT wireless and it's just one step above dialup,LOL!! That's my only concern. If they don't make it I'll just try again. Practice makes Perfict Hehehehe!!! I completly understand the reason for the Mod to View and Pass on. I for one am Glad for the practice,It does keep the Spam down. NaKom, Good to see another Vol. Here, Everyone comes to the Area here for a visit to Uncle Jack D. To tell the truth their missing out on another Great whisky, George Dickle. :yahoo: The wife and I like that a little better than Uncle Jack,But at the same time we wouldn't throw J.D. out. :biggrin:

Take Care

Welcome to SMF, Glad to have you with us.

This is the place to learn, lots of good info and helpful friendly Members.

For those of you new to Smoking, be sure to check out Jeff's 5 Day Smoking Basics eCourse.

Click Here it's "FREE" ... 5 Day eCourseE
Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.
Well Here it is everyone, the Pic's were posted late last night I guess. It's been fun to build over this long cold winter. It kept me from getting Cabin Fevor. LOL!!!
I still need to place the Hangers inside for the grates, and Also I need to Place the roof. The flat tin thats on it now I'm useing as if it were roofing Felt for the other roof. as you can see the Roof is on hinges and lifts up. I also made a Bowel in the Concret floor for the Charcole to Burn and I can put a Grate over it I I wish. I wanted to be as old timey as I could make it. You can see a little wisp of smoke in the Pic here I was trying to smoke some cheese, which I did it's setting in the Frig. as we speak. Being new to this I am more than happy to take suggestions. But in the meantime HERE SHE IS!!! It's been a fun winter project.:biggrin:
Take Care
Thank's Chef, Yea. it's already been fun, But with all the info from you guys here at the forum it's like being in Smokers Heaven. :yahoo: Still have alot to learn but it's really going to be fun sharing it with y'all. Well got'a get back to work on my Grape trellis,the grapes should be ready to plant in about 3 weeks or so. Again
thanks Chef. Talk to Y'all later.
Take Care
Cool looking smoker!   My husband is a Tennessee Squire and owns a little bit of land down there in Lynchburg...

Can't wait to see your future pics!
Welcome to the forum and the neighborhood.  I'm in Shelbyville.  I might get around building one like that.  I've had the leftover bricks and idea for years.  Robert is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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