new to smoking, smoking a ham

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Dec 25, 2010
looking for some advice/ideas here as i'm new to smoking meats. i have a ham in the freezer right now that i'm thinking about putting on the smoker this weekend. this would be the first thing i would have smoked since starting (got the smoker for christmas 2010). just wondering what wood works best for a ham? also, any one have a good recipe for a rub to put on the ham before putting it in the smoker?
Have you done any searches on here for ham smokes?  You'll find tons of great information.  I just did a ham for xmas and used hickory.  The rub I used was just a basic rub, I would give it to you but its on my work computer.  But there is also a whole section of rub/sauces on the site.  And remember with ham you are just really heating it because its already cooked. 

Heres a nice one to check out
If you have a pre-cooked ham, they are easy. Jeff's rub works well. Just score the ham in a cross section before you put the rub on. Also, I like to baste mine about 2 hours in with maple syrup. Since it's already cooked you can keep the smoker temp around 210 & I leave mine in for 3-4 hours. Your not cooking it your just heating it up & adding smoke flavor. Hickory works good with ham.
You might want to clarify for us if you are talking about a cooked ham that you buy in the store and you are just heating it up or are you talking about a raw piece of meat that you will have to brine then smoke? I am guessing you are talking about a precooked ham and you just need to reheat it. If so then just rub it with some mustard or olive oil then put a good rub on there and put it in the smoker at 225-250 until the internal temp reaches 160. Its already cooked so you are just reheating the meat and applying some wonderful smoke flavor. They are good! Way better than in the oven.
Hopefully you're talking about a pre-cooked Ham, and you just want to heat it up & put a whole bunch of smoke on it.

Smoking a large raw (fresh) piece of Pork that is mistakenly called a "Ham" is not a good thing for a newbie to start out with.

There are some veterans on this forum that do it, like Pops, Cowgirl, bbally, etc, but I would recommend starting your smoking aventures with some easier things to smoke.

Unless, like I and others have said, you are just wanting to smoke a Pre-cooked Ham. Then a lot of us can direct you to some outstanding recipes & instructions.

Either way, you have to clarify what you're wanting to do.

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