New to me Weber Kettle 22”

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Dec 30, 2018
Grande Cache Alberta
Was given a used Weber Kettle, cleaned it up with soap and water, took the ash/vent cleaner apart and got it working properly. The cooking grate was rusted bad, wire brush and steel wool wouldn’t touch it. I’ve ordered a new one and did some research on Weber’s website on preventing rust formation on the cooking grates, all they say is to oil the food is better than oiling the grate. Looking on Buy and Sell sites every used charcoal grill the cooking grates all show rust. I’m thinking I will oil the cold grate and wash it thoroughly after each use. Is there anyway to prevent the formation of rust? IMG_5936.jpeg IMG_5937.jpeg
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New grates arent that expensive. I say get one and start from scratch with your process and see how it goes. And thats a great looking kettle for a gimme.

Best way to prevent rust is use . Looks to me like those were never used enough from the time they were new . I know you said you cleaned them , but they don't show signs of high heat . That charcoal grate looks new , and the cooking grate really does too . I'd build a hot fire and see what they look like after that . Once you get cooking on what ever you end up with they will be seasoned enough I don't think rust will be an issue as long as they get some use .
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Don't clean it until you are about to use it again. Grease will protect it from the rust.
When you get a new one get one that is hinged on both ends. It helps if you have long cooks to add charcoal or wood chunks
Nice place. I've had mine for a couple years and no rust. I do not clean it often other than a scrape before and after cooking.
Thank you for the replies. Cooked some wings on it for it’s(my) maiden voyage cooking with charcoal. Wings turned out great but I wasn’t prepared for the charcoal to be ready so soon plus I probably didn’t start with enough briquettes.(used about 40)
Looking for tips and tricks to maximize heat and minimize charcoal consumption. At $26/bag this is an expensive fuel. Been watching for sales but in a small town supplies and sales are limited. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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