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Oct 28, 2010
After struggling to stuff the snack sticks with my KA attachment (and yanking my hair out), I decided to look for a vertical stuffer. Gander had their 5lb stuffer on super sale so I ordered one. Anybody use one? Looks like the LEM, Grizzly, etc. so hopefully I can use those parts on it. For $80 and free shipping I thought why not.

See ya
I have a similar 5lb Stuffer, works great. Good Luck...JJ
Great deal and your gonna love it. Once I got mine I said never again would I use a grinder to stuff. Don't forget to mark the threads for your bottom out. I used some tape or guys also use some paint
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I have the Grizzly 5# stuffer and the parts are interchangeable with LEM.  I broke my plastic main gear working on a cider pressing project so I replaced them with LEM's metal gears, works great.  It works good for small batches and comes apart to fit in the dish washer.  Still love the 8qt Enterprise for the big batches over 20#  just goes so much quicker.  Never tried stuffer through a grinder but it doesn't sounds like fun.
That is a great price I have the 5lb lem and love it. You will be a stuffing machine now, so much easier. Good Luck

Merry Christmas
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