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    Just got into indirect smoking last week, retired my side-by side gas/charcoal where I did some indirect smoking, but you see the challenge (divide the charcoal area).  Bought a beginner Old Country BBQ Pits - Wrangler last Friday and seasoned it immediately after reading many methods online.  Did a 10lb butt on Saturday, took about 14 hours with hickory and a little pecan smoke for 4 hours before wrapping.  Started at 8 p.m. to have for lunch the next guessed it, feeding lump coal fuel during the night about every 90-120 minutes.  Pulled it out and wrapped it, placing inside a cooler for 2 hours, DELICIOUS!!!  Friends came out of the woodwork for tastes, couldn't find any of them at 3 a.m.  Also smoked cheese, bacon wrapped chicken and jalapenos and even some tamales from the fridge.  Hate to waste the smoke and time!

    Working some bone-in chicken breasts (skin on) on apple tonight after a three hour brine and pecan wings tomorrow for opening weekend of football.

    Looking forward to being part of the forum!

    TX Smoke Hawg (7th year a Texan)

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