New MES 40 remote control odd behavior...

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by smokinfam, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. smokinfam

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    I just my MES 40 today.  I am in the process of seasoning it for the first time.  I set the time to 3 hours and temp to 275 DegF.  As I watch the remote, the set temp of 275 DegF shows along with the count down time.  The "Heating" indicator isn't on, but it is on the smoker.  If I press the light button on the remote, the temp toggles between the set temp (275) and the actual internal smoker temp (274) as well the "Heating" indicator is on.  After a little bit, the "Heating" indicator goes off and the set temp stays on the set temperature of 275 DegF, but the actual internal smoker temperature isn't shown.  Each time, I want to check the actual internal temperature, I have to press the light button.  Seems sort of strange.  Anybody got any advice?  Is this the way it's supposed to work?  When the difference between the set temp and the actual temp is only a few degrees apart this isn't a big deal, but during warmup when the actual temp was 75 deg and the set temp was 275, it was irritating to have to press the light button to get to see the actual temperaure.

  2. smokinfam

    smokinfam Smoke Blower

    Maybe I should rephrase my question, how is the remote control supposed to work?
  3. bigfish98

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    What you are describing is pretty much exactly how mine works.  I just assumed it is because the remote would eat batteries if it didn't do that.  What I mean is, for the remote to read the exact temp at all times, it would need to be in constant (wireless) contact with the smoker.  If it did that, the batteries would run down a lot faster.  By pressing the light button or the meat probe button, you force it to connect with the system and then it will read the actual temp at that time.  Think of it this way, have you ever been in an area for an extended period of time where you didn't get cell reception or it was really crappy?  Your battery drains extremely fast cause it is always searching for a signal.  I am assuming they did it this way so people didn't complain about buying three sets of batteries to do one smoke!

  4. thenewton

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    I just got the MES 40 and that's how mine operates as well.  I find it a bit  annoying, but I use my Maverick to monitor things anyway.  I can't see where it would be a battery issue though - the Maverick dual probe doesn't eat batteries and it updates the remote everytime there is a temp change.  I also found the MES 40 temp to be off a bit compared to the Maverick
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    I just got a Mav 73 for Christmas.... The remote would not display the smoker or meat temp....  Well, I read the directions, (I hate to admit that) and found out the transmitter and receiver need to be "registered".... I thought they were talking about sending in a warranty card or something.... Come to find out they need to be turned on, in a certain sequence, so they can communicate with each other.... Maybe the MES has the same type deal.... the remote may need to be set to the smoker transmitter "code, language" or what ever the correct term is.... 

    Now I have told you everything I know... nothing..... just a dummy here who finds this new fangled stuff is smarter than me....  Dave
  6. thenewton

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    Update:  Just got off the phone with Masterbuilt and yes the only way to read the internal temperature is to hit the light button.

    DaveOmak - I can't count the number of times through the years I have turned the Maverick on in the wrong sequence.
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  7. tromaron

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    I only use the  MES remote if I need to change the temp.  I rely on my Mavericks to keep an eye on the temps.  A Maverick & AMNPS are more than worth the investment to make for some worry free MES smoking.
  8. :grilling_smilie:I couldn't agree with you more, the instruction manual for my and ES 40 doesn't say anything about the remote other than what size batteries it needs. Instructions would have been nice.:grilling_smilie:
  9. I have come across maverick a lot in these forms you have one Dave, what are they? You input would be appreciated thank you Jim (cayotica) A.:sausage:

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