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Jan 9, 2006
Hello, What a great site. I 'm just starting to learn to smoke meat. I've smoked a whole turkey, chicken, deer roast and deer jerky. It all turned out farily good for the first time. I rubbed all with salt and left sit for 1 day them smoked, not sure if that was right or not. The smoker I'm using is the old smoke house on the farm. Its about 5 feet wide 8 feet long and about 6 foot high to the rafters. My father in law said when he was a kid about 65 years ago they smoked all their meat, Anyway I'm anxious to hear from other members and get some hints and tips.
Hey tfeev welcome to the site. There is alot to learn here. I am a fairly new mebmer as well. I am just getting the knack to how the site works. Sounds like you have a pretty big smokehouse there. I have just got mine going and I,m experimenting with temperature and cooking times. I just did my third smoke this weekend. I did up some corned venison and jerky. It turned out pretty good for the first time as well. I know the guys appreciate recipes and I will be posting that on the Jerky and wild meat section of the forums. Happy Smokin Gary
tfeev, Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums. You have come to the BEST site on the 'net for learning. There is a lot of info in these threads to answer most questions. However you will have a question that's not covered by a forum so ask away and someone will help you along.

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