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Dustin Wells

Original poster
Apr 3, 2019
North Georgia
Good morning from North Georgia. My name is Dustin and I'm fairly new to the smokin game. There's nothing like smoked food and I'm literally obsessed with it. I've always wanted to be able to do it on my own without having to rely on local restaurants for quality BBQ so I've set out to do just that. I've always loved cooking and there's honestly nothing better than making great food for friends and family. I started off with a Smoke Hollow 3 in 1 which was sufficient for a beginner but by no means efficient in regards to fuel usage and temperature management. I'll still hold onto it for quick cooks with the propane and charcoal. As a beginner I still wasn't ready to graduate to a high quality $1000+ pit so I took a gradual step up and bought an Oklahoma Joe's Highland Reverse Flow Offset smoker. I've made a couple of modifications such as installing a Weber Thermo probe grommet on the side of the cook chamber, and sealing everything up with Lava Lock high temp rtv. I really need to replace the stock thermo that came with the pit to make sure I'm cooking at the correct temperature. The last 2 times I've done ribs with with proven methods (3-2-1 & 2-2-1) they still come out slightly dry and tough. I look forward to being able share with and learn from everyone's experience. Let the games begin!!!


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Welcome to the site, happy to have ya join the fun. Don't be shy about chiming in any of the posts.

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Motsoma, start a new thread in the smoker builds forums and you will get all the help you require. There are also tons on existing threads with others projects just like yours full of useful knowledge to inspire your build! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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