New member from Buzzard Hill, Alabama

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Aug 8, 2022
Buzzard Hill, AL
Howdy y'all,

New member here from Southeast Alabama. I've always wanted to gain more knowledge on smoked meats, and I want to build my own smokehouse soon. So after a little bit of perusing, I decided to join up. I'm also wanting to make my own smoked cheddar cheese, so I'm hoping to get some good advice in the Cheese section of the forum.

Welcome to the forum from Minnesota! Great place for getting good advice and sharing ideas. Enjoy your time here!
Welcome to SMF from North Texas!
Great guide for smoking cheese:

Good luck!
- Jason
Welcome aboard from SE ID! A lot of great folks on here with a wealth of knowledge!
Welcome from North Mississippi! Lots of great advise to be found here. And I'll give you the first bit....Hide you credit cards, debit cards, and etc. We will find any number of ways for you to spend money! LOL. Look forward to your post and pics.
Welcome from Iowa! Guess Jim already warned ya we are happy to help you spend your money on things you " NEED" lol! Get yourself a big will soon become overly full with things you want to try!

Thanks for all the "welcomes", y'all. A few weeks ago, my sister gave me her Masterbuilt digital electric smoker that she has only used a few times. I plan on making good use of that smoker until I can build my own this winter.

That smoker only uses "chips", not chunks of hickory or pellets. Any suggestions on a good brand and source for hickory chips? I have a million hickories on my property, but don't particularly want to spend hours making "chips".

Thanks again.
Do a search on here for mailbox mods and get an amnps so you can burn'll be very happy, much better than messing with chips.

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Bearcarver Bearcarver is the MES guru. Check out his "step by steps'

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