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New iGrill mini

Discussion in 'Slicers, Grinders, Tools, Equipment' started by japanfan, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. japanfan

    japanfan Newbie

    Has any one seen the new iGrill mini?  It looks nice and has some nice features but only one probe.  Good price 39.99. 

    Updated Design - New rugged and modern styling in an ultra-compact size.

    Bluetooth Smart Connection - The latest Bluetooth technology makes for a simplified user-experience and a range of 150 feet. 

    Extended Battery Life - 150 hours of use on a replaceable coin-cell battery.

    Smart LED - The LED ring on the device indicates when you're paired or out of temperature range as well as the temperature progression of your food. 

    Proximity Wake-Up - In order to optimize your battery life, the Smart LED will only illuminate once you and your smart device are within range of the iGrillmini. 

    Convenient Mounting - Magnetically mount the iGrillmini to your grill or smoker and choose from two viewing angles. Have a smoker or grill that isn't magnet-friendly? No problem, the iGrillmini comes with an optional magnetic disk to stick onto your grill or smoker. 

    Brand New App - The iDevices Connected app, for iPad and iPhone, will be the central hub for managing all of your iDevices Connected products. Monitor multiple iGrillminis at once within the app, graph your temperature progression, set pre-loaded, custom or min/max temperature alarms, check out other iGrill creations from around the world and share yours on Facebook and Twitter.  App available for download 11/20.

    Great Gift - Priced at $39.99, the iGrillmini makes for a perfect gift for the griller or smoker in your life!

    Single Probe
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  2. I saw it today. They are only accepting pre orders now.

    I am waiting for the new iDevices Connected app to be released. Mid turkey cook yesterday I get no connectivity. After trying a cpl resets I replaced the batteries and it connected again. I told SWMBO I may be in the market for a Mav again. I gave my old one to my son when I got the iGrill.
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  3. japanfan

    japanfan Newbie

    I was disappointed only one probe but then read that app will connect to all devices maybe two would work for me.  One for the meat and one for the IT.    I smoked a pork loin yesterday and had issues connection to my igrill new batteries did the trick also.  I do like the igrill and it has really improved my smoking. 
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  4. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    I too am disappointed that the mini is only a single probe. The battery life of 150 hours sounds great, but I couldn't find the type of battery that is uses so that may be another disappointment if its expensive to replace or a hard to find battery. The magnetic feature is nice, but looking at all the pictures, it is shown attached to a BBQ surface that is not hot. Most of my smokers are hot all over so probably couldn't use that feature.

    A feature that I wish one of these remote monitoring devices would include at this level is a probe that can read temps above 400°. I want to be able to monitor pizza oven temps and higher!

    The other thing that is disappointing is that the new app according to iGrill will only monitor multiple iGrill minis, not an iGrill mini and the original iGrill. There for forcing you to buy two iGrill mini's and ditching the original iGrill. So you'd be $80+shipping to get a dual probe setup. I'm going to wait until my iGrill dies before I make the jump.

    The only time that I have had connectivity issues with my iGrill is when the batteries are low in the iGrill or my battery is low on my iPhone.  Both easily fixed.
  5. What is the thought process behind one probe? Seems like it would be practically useless...... Am I missing something or what.
  6. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Means you have to buy more than one... All about marketing and making a buck. The new app, is set up to monitor multiple iGrill mini units.
  7. raschermann

    raschermann Newbie

    Received the two iGrill minis I ordered today.  Out of the box, neither will connect to either an iPhone 5 or an Ipad 3.  Reset instructions don't work, changing battery doesn't work, reseting Apple devices doesn't work.  So far, not impressed.  Hopefully someone from iDevices will back to me with a suggestion before the end of the year or these suckers are gonna be the next things that get smoked!
  8. japanfan

    japanfan Newbie

    You need to be sure to download iDevices Connect app.  The new mini does not work with the old app.
  9. smokenado

    smokenado Smoke Blower

    I just got one will review it shortly.
  10. raschermann

    raschermann Newbie

    Yep.  That was the problem.  Wrong version of the app.  Once the iDevice Connect app was installed everything worked fine including an update of the firmware for the device.  We'll see how it performs tomorrow.  I am going to run them in tandem with my existing meat and smoker thermometers.
  11. smokenado

    smokenado Smoke Blower

    I just reviewed the igrill mini wasn't too happy with it.
  12. japanfan

    japanfan Newbie

    I bought two of the mini's  because they only  have one prob.  I also bought on for my son for Christmas.  Come to realize it does not work on Android bummer that his what he has.  I hope they plan to make an android app for it. As for use with my iPhone I cooked a prim rib for Christmas and used it and it worked very will for me.  I will need to use it more to really make an honest opinion about it.  I do like my original igrill except the battery life on it.  I hope the mini will last longer. 
  13. raschermann

    raschermann Newbie

    Mine worked as well.  Temperatures were consistent with what I was seeing on my other thermometers.  Smoked brisket and ribs.  No connectivity issues once I had the right version of the app installed.  The app could use some more features in my opinion.  It would be nice to be able to save the temperature graphs and data and I think setting temperature ranges and alarms could be easier.  The app did monitor multiple probes without any issues.  I had one probe setup for the meat and one probe attached as the smoker thermometer.  No issues with either although it would be nice if they made a smaller probe that could be used as the smoker temp probe.
  14. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Sounds like they must have changed the app more. With the old iGrill I can save and export graphs. Also setting alarms and ranges is super easy. They also have an ambient probe for the smoker thAt is only 3" long.
  15. grainbelter

    grainbelter Newbie

    Just tried my new Igrill mini today. Not impressed at all. I have a homemade insulated smoker which allows me to smoke year round in the cold Minnesota temps. The temp today is around zero outside. This appears to be too cold for the Mini. The device simply stops working after 15-20 minutes. Additionally the device connection is lost when I step inside my house. I will have to ask their support people what I should expect from the device.

  16. japanfan

    japanfan Newbie

    I just looked at their web site and they are producing a igrill2 and will have 4 probes.  It will look just like the mini and function very much like it but will have 4 probes.  It will not ship until May and pre-orders are being taken now.  It is priced at 100.00

    I have two minis and like them very much and work well once I install the new app.  I bought one for my son for Christmas he had an android phone and they do not have have an app for android I did not know this when I ordered it.  Not sure if they plan to make one for the android
  17. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Did you see that they came out with a mini for the kitchen with 2 probes? $79.99. Wonder why they didn't come out with that for the iGrill mini too.... 

  18. joopster

    joopster Smoking Fanatic

    My wife purchased me one for Christmas but still hasn't shipped.  It was supposed to ship on the 6th.
  19. smokenado

    smokenado Smoke Blower

    I looked at the Igrill Mini 2 on the website just not a fan of that design would rather they use the original Igrill unit with four probes. I think the mini and mini2 are a stumble for Igrill I can't imagine how you interface with that tiny cube.
  20. smokenado

    smokenado Smoke Blower

    Also as a side note I never heard back from Idevices after several emails about the issues I had with the I grill mini. That said it's been returned back to Lowes and I doubt I'll ever deal with Idevices again.