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Dec 16, 2006
Wellman, Iowa
Hello all,

I got an early Christmas gift since it was pretty hard to hide what it was wrapped under the tree. I got a Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse. I have read some posts here and I have seen some mods to the unit. It appears to be a post recall unit but it does not have a door latch or a vent. I am afraid that if I cut a hole in it right away my wife will kill me and smoke me in it. :shock: So I am going to try it as is.

How big of a deal is the door seal? Have they fixed their issues with it?
Do you guys who use this unit use chunks or chips?

Welcome to the forum MDK. I do agree with Coz, that you will learn a tremendous amount here. I have personally been "involved" with grilling and smoking most of my life.. but the tips and secrets were never past on to me. After a lengthy depart from it, I came back to smoking and have learned a wealth of info here.

Keep reading, asking questions, and most important always ...

Keep Smokin
The angle to push the seal was an issue on my masterbuilt
See my post for installation on the other thread we communicated on
The door latches are not imperative but since I use mine indoors I wanted them
The older model that you and I have can surely be improved with the addition of a top vent (the new model has them)

It can be a tricky business to install though so plan ahead and be deliberate when and if you decide to do this

BTW I use mostly chips and some chunks (sparingly) that is your choice

And welcome to the forum of good info, there are others here using the masterbuilt so chime in anytime
Hi Cheech
Well not like in the house but inside my shed/shop :?
Attached a formica top piece left over from remodeling the house to the wall of the shop 30" above the floor....that brings the smoker up to a height that makes it easy to work with....the shop has a 2 car overhead door, walk in door, and plenty of windows you can open...Sure does smell like a barbeque joint in my shop can see it in operation at this post

By selecting the windows or doors that are open I can control the drafts of wind outside and of course rain is no problem

Take care Cheech
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