New guy, question on recipes, books, rubs etc.

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  1. So I recently bought a Masterbuilt electric smoker, used it twice and love it. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a book that has cook temp, rub recipes, brine recipes, mop recipes, cook times etc for various types of smoked meats. I know this forum has a plethora of information, but I was also hoping to find a book that might help me when I'm getting ready to smoke some meats.

    My first attempt with pork ribs went well. I smoked them for about 8 hours at 225* and sprayed them with an apple cider vinegar/apple juice/brown sugar mop mix about every hour or so. They didn't have much color inside (probably over cooked) but were fall off the bone tender.

    I also did a brisket (was flat) for 12 hours, it ended up being way over done and super tough. I attribute this to me letting it cook for too long, I didn't do a good job of paying attention to the temp.

    My second time I did pork ribs I tried the 3-2-1 method and they were extremely tough and really not very good. I'm not sure what to attribute this to. I only moped them once when I wrapped them up.

    I'm basically looking for something to help guide me along while I'm cooking. I'm sure some of the questions I could ask have been asked a million times. I'm just looking to be able to get ribs, brisket/boston butt, chicken, and whatever else down.

    Also, what's a good remote temp guage for meat?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Sb you have all the info you need right here,Welcome to SMF when you have a chance drop in roll call,update your user profile.The more we know location smoker type helps answering questions.

    Let me recommend checking this group

    What kind of temp probes do you have the MES controls gauges are known to be way off.

    Another great link

    Have fun enjoy your new hobby

  3. I did add a little information to my profile. I'm located in Minnesota, and use a Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 40". Currently using the standard meat probe that comes with. I've read they're fairly un-reliable. I do have a local "smoke" shop near me called Quetopia which I plan to stop at and get more supplies. I have used cherry wood both times and seem to like the flavor.
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  5. Special, I'm a noob, so bear that in mind. Besides just doing several cooks to learn my smoker, the number 1 thing I've learned is temperature! Both having an accurate temperature for your smoker, and the internal temperature of what you're cooking.

    I've been using a Thermoworks Thermopop for instant reading of the internal temperature, and a Thermoworks DOT for monitoring my smoker. It's really improved my results, especially the Thermopop.

    There's lots of options for thermometers. You'll read about them on the forum. Controlling the temperature of the cooker and what you are cooking is more important than what smoker, or fuel, or wood you use, IMHO.

    That's my $0.02 and worth every penny you paid for it!
  6. Always tons of good recipes and advice on this site right here and lots of people willing to share info.

    If you want a cool book try Peace Love & Barbecue. Has a decent variety of recipes and has some cool reading with stories etc.
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    Welcome from SC. Glad to have you on the site

    Good luck and good smokin', Joe

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