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Apr 16, 2020
Question from a new guy- I recently switched from an MeS to a Texas Trio offset smoker and I like it much better. It has made the process much more enjoyable too. I completed my first smoke session today after I seasoned it the other day (lots of veggie oil coating and a 6 hr smoke). Today, some oil missed my drip pan and dripped into the bottom of my smoker. I pushed some of this through the drainage hole but there was still oil in the base of the smoker. What do I do here? Leave it for more seasoning? Try to wipe it dry?
Thanks for the advice.
Like Jake said. Don’t worry about it. It’s a smoker, it’s gonna see a lot more drippings than that.
Welcome...A little Fat/Oil won't hurt. If it is allowed to accumulate, you can grow Mold and eventually it can go Rancid and Stink! Not a Seasoning you want on your meat...JJ
After every cook in my offset I would scrape down the belly where the drippings built up and use paper towels to muck out the mess.
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