New guy in South Carolina

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Feb 28, 2022
Hey. I started smoking a little over a year ago when my family and I moved to south Carolina. I have a 22" weber kettle. Little thing turns out some pretty good barbecue. Much better than any of the BBQ joints we've tried since we moved down.
I've done a couple chickens. One in pieces and one spatchcocked. None of us were crazy about it and my wife had requested it not be made again. Lots of pulled pork which is always a hit. And a few chuck roasts. Most everything that hits the grill gets a bit of smoke.
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Welcome to SMF from SE GA !
What do you think was the issue with the chicken ? Too dry ? Skin tough ?

Welcome to SMF from SE GA !
What do you think was the issue with the chicken ? Too dry ? Skin tough ?

The flavor of the smoke on it. Iirc I used Applewood both times and it just didn't taste great. I indirect grill boneless skinless thighs all the time with a bit of hickory and that comes out fantastic.
Welcome from Virginia! You came to the right place and those Webber 22s are awesome. That's strange about the chicken, I do a Spatchcock Brick Chicken (meat side down over indirect, then place a foiled brick inside the cavity on top to apply pressure) that is my wife and kids favorite. Based on your description I think it would be a dirty burn on your wood that created that bad taste.

Since you are focused on the Webber right now, I recommend the Webber Cookbook, "Weber's Real Grilling" from 2005. It has a lot of great info in there, specifically for cooking on the kettle. Ive tried most of the recipes in there and the only one Id recommend steering clear of is the brisket.

Looking forward to seeing your work!
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Welcome from Iowa! I would put a vote in for a 26" , easy to run out of room on a 22" but they sure put out some tasty meals!

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If you can get to Charleston, you need to hit Lewis BBQ, He was with Aaron Franklin back in the day. He has some of the best bbq you will ever eat. If Charleston was a little closer to me in NC I'd make a day trip just for his bbq.
New guy here, as well- in Charleston, SC.

I have a couple of pits, both which are modified to work with a digital controller. I have a WSM 22" (I think, need to measure) and a horizontal stick burner, both modded to work with a Fireboard 2 and a large fan- which works exceptionally well. I can "set it and forget it" and get just about 16 hours out of a cook without touching it more than to rake the coals.

I am mostly looking for sugarfree/low sodium recipes, I have done most of the common proteins (pulled pork, chicken, turkey, various roasts, beef and pork ribs, and a standing rack roast. I need to cook more often, and found this group when searching for a low-sodium/low-sugar rub recipe, which then lead me to see this thread pop up.

I understand there's plenty of great BBQ in the area, I will have to get out and try it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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