New England Newbie!

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Jun 18, 2007
Rhode Island
Got a Charbroil H2O for fathers day from my wife and daughter. My wife is 50/50 Itilian/Portuguese and can barely cook! I let her do the cooking after we got married (4 yrs on thur) and dinner was always very boring and usually our of a box or can. After our daughter was born a year ago, she wanted to go on a diet which meant no food in the house at all. I decided to learn about diets and found that with LA Weight Loss, we could have food in the house and it might even taste good! I took over all of the cooking in the house. I learned that i love to cook, ALL methods. I became addicted to the Food Network, started grilling on a regular basis, and now am looking forward to reaching that thin line of blue smoke. I had a friend in CA who had a smoker and we would rotate weekends on the grill. His dinners were always better, hands down.

I can't wat to get going on this. After I put the smoker together, I want to make the recommended MODS from this forum, and start smokin'! Can't wait to try this FATTY that I keep reading about!!!!!

This forum is great and has been extremely helpful for a beginner like me.
Welcome to SMF, I am also a Food network junkie..You will find anything you want to learn about Q'ing right here. Just ask anytime and you will have an answer, Usually within minutes...Have Fun...DB BBQ
Welcome to SMF Spartacus!!!

You'll find lots of great ideas on the forum and be sure to sign up for the 5 Day E-Course to get on the fast track to successful "Q" ...
Welcome aboard spartacus! You have come to the most awesome smokin' site on the net! Just ask if you don't know something, and share your smokin' experiences with us.

BTW, we like pictures!
Welcome to the SMF! You have found the right place to learn all about the art of smoking meat. Ask questions, learn, share and enjoy. Oh, you will love the fatty!!
Welcome Spart!
Make sure you use Jimmy Dean or Bob Evans sausage for that fatty, other sausages have too much fat.
Smoke on!
I will have a least some Jimmy Dean Fatty's on for this weekend. I will hopefully be seasoning it on Fri or Sat morning and will attempt to smoke on Sunday. Fatty's will be on the menu and hopefully, I will have decided on something else too. What ever it is, I will keep the Forum posted and make sure to have pics with it as well.
Welcome to SMF, Spartacus,plenty of good info here and the peeps are awesome....and hello from Canada eh !
Hi Spartacus!..Welcome aboard the SMF!...
It's a Great place to be!...

Great Folks, Great Food, Tons of info...and...More Fun than you can shake a stick of Hickory at!...

Check out Jeff's Free 5 Day eCourse!...It has lots of good stuff in it...and, the price can't be beat!...

Got questions?... All ya gotta do is ask...

Again...Welcome to the SMF Spartacus!...Glad to have you with us...

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