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New Dyna-Glo vertical offset smoker

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by surgtech2006, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    Hey all,

    Just bought one of these off of Amazon, I wanted to try vertical as opposed to another horizontal smoker. For the money, this thing is really NOT all that bad.

    I'll get back with some unboxing pics and the initial mods I did as I've been putting it together.


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  2. Hello, I just purchased a Dnya Glo offset smoker a few weeks ago and love it. I have used it twice so far with plans to use this weekend. The only issue I have had it maitaining my temp. Any suggestions? I have adjusted my ventsd but haven't found a sweet spot yet. Overall I have been super happy. good luck
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  3. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    Hi Fire34.. Havent fired mine up yet. I'm hoping it warms up a bit so I can finish putting it together.

    I hope that the gasketing I did between the firebox and the smoke box and also the doors on each box will help keep the temps somewhat consistent. Hopefully I will get to finish and fire it up today or tomorrow.
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  4. gary s

    gary s SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster OTBS Member

    We'll be watching

  5. I did notice a gap between the fire box and smoke box and had thought about sealing that myself. I guess I was so excited to start smoking I didn't even think of modifying it. This weekend looks to be cold here in the mitten but Sunday looks to be my window to smoke it will be a balmy 42 outdoors. Would love to see pictures of your mods.
  6. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    OK, I'm going to try and keep this in order, and hopefully the pics will all upload correctly. I'm going to start with the unboxing to show the individual parts and a little insight as to quality. All in all, I think its excellent for the money.. would love to see more people get one and post their mods and experiences as well.

    I'm going to grab the next post as my starting point with the unboxing pics and follow with my mods in the next one after that.
  7. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    ?? How do I rotate this pic ??

    The main shipping box had all the other boxes inside the smoke box. It was extremely well packed for an Asian made product. All arrived safely with no missing pieces or damages.

    The tiny little chimney.. this may end up getting replaced.

    Nice design, even well made, just seems small. Powder coating(?) on all parts seems good.

    Temp guage reads in degrees! Yay!

    Drip pan


    Rack holders. Plating looks good.

    Charcoal box setup. I will be making a one piece box, this seems odd to me..

    Ash pan

    Charcoal box "assembled"

    Screws, all neatly arranged on blister pack...

    Proper English! Is this thing really from China?


    Latching mechanism

    Not the best welding in the world, but serves the purpose of the part.

    Racks or grates as you may like to call them.

    Some sort of defelctor on the inside surface of the door.

    Lots of empty boxes!

    Up next.. Initial mods.
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  8. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    Well, the weather or the silicone sealer I used, or both. .we're against me! I had some issues.

    I used a length of silicone tubing and scewed it around the perimeter of the smoke box. I cut a tiny slot in the tubing on the side which would seal against the door and put the screw in to the box itself.

    In theory a good idea and it did work. It's more bulky than I was hoping. But being screwed in place, it should stay where it is with our worrying about glue failure. It also necessitated me drilling/slotting the door latch to compensate for the extra thickness (As opposed to moving the hinges outward.)

    The fire door was another story. I decided to run the red silicone hi temp sealer around the door and fire box and ruin over it with a spreader to make a nice thin gasket. It worked out well, until I closed the door after I thought it was fully dry. Epic fail upon opening the door..

    I also ran a bead of high temp red around the fire box, and used a notched spreader to form a nice consistent gasket. That worked well, for the most part. I'll explain later. .

    Going to attempt to post pictures from my phone.

    A few days later.. I assembled. The weather has been crappy in the northeast, and I'm not sure if thats why i had issues with the sealer.

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  9. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    The firebox setup is kind of odd, but it serves the purpose.

    I layered some wood and the end of last years charcoal in the box. I then lit up some Stubbs brickettes in the chimney..

    I lit up about a half a chimney of coals.

    The charcoal basket holds a pretty good amount of fuel. Its a bit of an odd design, I may change it depending on how it functions.


    Theres quite a bit of play in that firebox door. The chimney has positive stops at different openings, I started at full open. The firebox was set at 1/4 open.
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  10. gary s

    gary s SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster OTBS Member

    We'll be watching

  11. cool ... I bought one also .... I have had it for a few weeks and I just finally got it assembled last weekend . I havent put a fire in it yet .
  12. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    Cool, glad to see people buying these and finding their way here to SmokingMeatForums!
    I fired mine up today, despite some issues with the mods I made and the cold weather. I'll update the above posts I saved when I get back home later on or tomorrow.
    will say I was able to get it up over 225 for a pretty decent amount of time, despite the leaks and the 42° temps. Actually got up over 250 and held for while.

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  13. gary s

    gary s SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster OTBS Member

  14. ericf517

    ericf517 Fire Starter

    Good to see, I am going to be picking one of these up here shortly.
  15. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    I dont think you will regret it,  its pretty good for under 200 bucks. 
  16. Thinking of adding a DigiQ DX2 to mine .Can you make a silk purse from a sows ear ????   [​IMG]
  17. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    IDK.. It costs more than the Dyna, silk purse or not, I don't think the biggest issue is draft. I was able to hold temp for a good while just using the dampers. The thinner metal, on the other hand, I feel is more of an issue.
    My plan is to move on to insulating after I straighten out the firebox door sealing issues.
  18. This last weekend I had better luck maintaining my temp not sure if it was because I used less charcoal or the cooler weather (40's). Surgtech2006 did you have any heat control issues when you fired your up?
  19. surgtech2006

    surgtech2006 Newbie

    No issues to speak as far as temps are concerned, but then I was really just trying to season it up. I ran it up to the end of the black on the dial which I think is 275. It held there pretty well for about 3 hours. I had the lower set to about a 1/4 as seen in the video in the above post, with the chimney damper at full open. I ran about 40 mins or so like that and then dropped the chimney to the 1/4 open setting. The temps went up pretty quickly at that point. I think I got about 6 hours out of that basket of charcoal and wood. I have some more pics to post up shortly.
  20. ericf517

    ericf517 Fire Starter

    Good, would love to see more pics of how it is going.  

    I was looking at someone else's idea on here with the tubing, insulation, and extra layer of sheet metal.  Think I will be doing the same by the end of the fall so it can be used all winter up here in the great north.  

    Wife asked me if I am worried about the wind causing issues with the temp, why not just build a shed for it to go in so the wind doesn't beat on it.  So I might just do that.
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